How Poetry Helps You on Your Journey Through Grief

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Explore how this gorgeous form of prose helps you navigate your emotions as you deal with loss.

Losing someone you care about is never easy. In fact, it’s probably the most difficult experience you’ll ever encounter in life. And the only thing more challenging is processing the wide range of emotions and grief that come after. The good news is there are many different strategies you can use to help you traverse this complex emotional process, including poetry. Take a moment to explore how poetry can help you express yourself as you deal with the loss of a loved one.

Ceremonial Poetry Readings

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When figuring out how poetry helps you on your journey through grief, it’s wise to start by discussing the power behind ceremonial poetry readings. Many people choose to incorporate grief-centric scripture and poetry readings into their loved ones’ funerals or memorial services. This is because poetry often provides a powerful catharsis for those saying their final goodbyes.

The right piece can honor the life of the dearly departed. It can also strengthen the communal bond between everyone in mourning. Whether each stanza contains inspirational and uplifting words or the prose is more solemn, poetry sends a poignant message to those grieving. Moreover, it serves as a reminder that while grieving is complex and challenging, you’re not alone in it, and you can get through the process.

Writing Your Own Poems

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Of course, reading unique poems at your loved ones’ ceremonies isn’t the only way that poetry helps you on your journey through grief. There is also something to be said about the relief that comes with composing your own poems. This is especially true when experiencing the grieving process’s more intense heights and depths.

Essentially, journaling through your grief with poetry gives you a solid structure to express the complex array of emotions you feel. The idea is that through this more refined processing structure, you can clarify your thoughts and feelings about your loved one’s passing.

As a result, it’ll be much easier to find appropriate methods of registering—and later on—managing your grief, using the healthiest and most appropriate coping mechanisms. Plus, once all is said and done, you will have a record of gorgeous, heart-felt poems to look back on in remembrance of your dearly departed.

Using Poems to Connect

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You can also use poetry as a means of connecting with others. Because grief can often feel isolating and lonely, it’s vital to cultivate activities that make you feel connected to the people around you. For instance, say you wrote a poem for your late sister. Everyone in your family is navigating grief about this loss, but you and your brother-in-law are taking it particularly hard.

So you decide to share the poem with your brother-in-law, and when you do, he tells you that it expresses exactly how he’s been feeling. As a result, you’ve strengthened your bond with your loved one. But more than that, you’ve allowed poetry to connect you through your grief.

Whether you’re sharing your writings at local open mic nights or at the dinner table with your family, having a safe place to express your grief among others is crucial to your healing. Moreover, dealing with significant loss is much easier when you have others to help you shoulder its weight. And that’s just one of the reasons expressing yourself through poetry can help you process your grief.

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