How To Successfully Plan a Destination Wedding

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Wedding season is here!

Planning a wedding is exciting and joyous, but it can also become a headache, time confusing, and stressful. Plus, deciding to make it a destination wedding can make things even more complicated.

Destination weddings are beautiful, but you want to make sure everything goes off without a hitch so that you can fully enjoy the day. Successfully planning a destination wedding requires dedication and patience.

Find a Location

The key word in the phrase destination wedding is “destination.” Since the theme of the wedding is travel, you’ll need to find the perfect spot. Choose a place that works well for you and your partner that can successfully host your guests.

Depending on the location, you and your spouse can make that your honeymoon spot, too, and save yourself some travel money. However, do extensive research on the place before taking off. Try and find a venue to your liking and make sure their available dates work with yours.

Accommodate Your Guests

When it comes to your guests attending your destination wedding, you have a lot of things to consider. When do you notify them? How do you help them with travel expenses? Do you pay for their accommodations? Don’t let what other people did influence you. Choose the best options for you and your partner.

Once you know you’re having a destination wedding, notify your guests immediately so that they can start planning early and getting their travel accommodations together. Additionally, you should consider taking care of their transportation services the day of.

Hire Some Help

As previously stated, planning a wedding is stressful and hectic. Don’t try and do the entire thing by yourself because you’ll succeed only in tiring yourself. Your wedding is supposed to be a joyous occasion, and you shouldn’t dread the approaching day because of all the frustrations you’ve dealt with along the way.

Hire a professional and look for one who specializes in destination weddings. They will know things you don’t and have all the wedding hacks and tricks to make the process easier. A professional can help you overcome issues like language barriers and help you out with money conversions when it comes to booking.

Plan for Unexpected Costs

Expect the unexpected. You never know what will pop up on the day of or the week of. Stick with your budget but keep an emergency fund for things like tips, shipping costs, baggage fees, and other expenses. You want to have enough wiggle room so that your account doesn’t suffer when you return home.

If your destination is out of the country, notify your credit card company so that they know of the charges. You don’t want to deal with foreign transaction fees on top of your other expenses. They could always potentially cancel your card if they feel the activity is suspicious.

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