5 Interior Design Tips for Modern Windows

5 Interior Design Tips for Modern Windows, curtains, window, home, home decor, interior design
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Dress up your windows in modern style to spruce up any room!

Windows are a highlight of your home’s architecture. They allow natural light into rooms, making spaces feel brighter and more expansive. And through them, you can watch the outside world, helping you to feel connected rather than cloistered.

Whether you live in an older home or a new build, you can use some simple methods to make your windows more stylish. Use these five interior design tips for modern windows.

Install a Sleek Curtain Rod

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Whereas older curtain rod designs looked cheap or ostentatious (remember brass?), modern rods have a sleeker look. Think about how the end caps, pole, brackets, and rings look. Wrought iron hardware looks fresh, and it’s durable. Its understated appearance won’t clash with any interior design style.

Extend Rods Beyond the Window Frame

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If you’re interested in transforming the look of your living room, make windows appear larger than they really are. One of the key design principles of modern window-dressing is to make windows look larger. When you extend curtain rods past the window frame and then hang drapes, you make windows look wider.

Hang the Rod Inches Above the Window Frame

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The next interior design tip for modern windows is to hang the curtain rod 4 to 5 inches above the window frame. Whereas extending the rod makes the window look wider, hanging the rod higher up makes the window appear taller. Making your window appear larger makes it a more prominent feature of the room, and it also makes the room itself look bigger.

Layer Window Dressings

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Give your windows depth by layering window dressings. Plus, it gives you a few options when it comes to controlling how much sunlight gets in. You can layer drapes with soft or hard blinds or shades.

When it comes to layering window treatments, you want to avoid making your windows look too busy. You can partner a layer in a solid color with a layer in a print design, such as patterned roller shades with a solid curtain. Or, to make it simple, you can have both layers in solid, coordinating colors.

Use Quality Fabrics

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Finally, use quality fabrics for window treatments. You might be tempted to skimp, but cheap-looking fabric will make your windows look like an afterthought. Quality pieces are a hallmark of good interior design. You don’t want to replace your window treatments more often than necessary, and you want them to finish the room beautifully. So choose durable products in a style that you love. You can also look into replacing your windows entirely if they're just too old or damaged. Find a window replacement company that offers the style of window you're looking and get a few different quotes before making a final decision.

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