Interior Design Tips: How To Create a Cohesive-Looking Space

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Go from cluttered to cohesive!

When designing your home’s interior, you can easily get carried away when you don’t understand how to create a cohesive-looking space. This is important for the feng shui of your home; you want to design a space is comfortable and allows room for you to grow. While the home is yours, and you can decorate it as you please, the following tips will help your house flow together.

Don’t Get Ahead of Yourself

You’re probably bouncing around various ideas and styles in your head. But, before you pick up your car keys and head off to the store to thrift some home décor, consider taking your time. You do not need to buy all your items immediately; doing this might clutter up the space even more. Instead, slowly accumulate things that center around your style and theme—eventually, the area will come together.

Keep Consistent Flooring

Do not think you can only have one type of flooring throughout the house, but do choose two or three that match nicely together. When you have an inconsistent flooring material in every room of the home, the house will quickly look messy. Consider choosing your floor based on comfort as well as your personal preference and what would look lovely in almost every room of the house.

Have an Overall Color Palette

You may want every room to have its own personality, but this does not promote cohesiveness in many cases. Choose a color palette that would work throughout the entire home, so you can tie the entirety of the interior together. You can mix and match a few shades, but sticking to the same color families will be visually pleasing.

Balance Old and New Décor

The décor you currently have is fine, but it might not fit the vision you are hoping for in your house. When you begin hanging art or placing pictures and knick-knacks, consider mixing and matching old antique items with newer modern ones. This will help with your design’s flow and allow you to decorate on a budget.

Follow Your Heart and Your Personal Preferences

Do not get caught up in the popular trends; if it doesn’t fit your style preference, then do not attempt that design. You will end up not liking it and ruining the look and feel of your space. Trust your gut, and find elements that speak to you and fit your personality. Nothing is permanent, and you can revamp the space as your own style changes.

Create a cohesive-looking space by carefully designing the interior of your home. Consider making a home décor Pinterest board before purchasing all the materials you need to get an idea of what your home will look and feel like.

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