Tips for Passing on Family Heirloom Jewelry

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Giving items to the next generation can be a memorable event!

Heirlooms are treasured keepsakes that many families pass down through the generations. These treasured pieces often hold personal history. As we get older, we may want to gift these precious pieces to our children so that the stories can live on. With a couple of tips for passing on family heirloom jewelry, you can present these items to your loved ones in the perfect way.

Evaluate the Piece

Over time, jewelry may fade or even break, especially if it’s had plenty of wear. Before you pass a piece down to the next generation, you should have an expert evaluate it. Some of the common types of jewelry repair include cleaning and resizing. Having an expert inspect the piece for signs of damage is best, since they’ll have the skills and tools to perform a thorough inspection. For example, you may not realize a gemstone on a prized tennis bracelet is loose, but a jeweler could see otherwise.

Plan When You'll Gift It

Think up the perfect time to give your heirloom to the recipient. If you want to make the occasion memorable, consider avoiding a busy time such as a birthday party or other celebration, since the heirloom may get swept up with different gifts. Ideally, you should pass on the item when you have time to tell the recipient about its importance; this makes the occasion all the more special.

For instance, if you just got married, the honeymoon—rather than the wedding itself—is the ideal time to gift an heirloom such as a pocket watch to your partner. As you plan the location for your honeymoon, set aside some time to give your spouse the precious piece.

Make it Personal

Many people write letters to the recipient of an heirloom so that they’ll always remember where the piece came from and why they should continue to treasure it. This allows the recipient to create their own memories and attachments surrounding the piece, which they may also pass on someday.

Remember What's Important

If you have several children and various pieces to pass down, consider having everyone pick an item that speaks to them. By passing on your family heirloom jewelry in this way, you ensure everyone gets something they love, which makes the items even more special. And remember, there is no perfect age to pass on an heirloom—you can do it whether you’re 25 or 50. When it comes to passing on something treasured, what matters is that the receiver understands its significance.

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