Here Are the Most Sustainable Underwear Brands on the Market

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The greenest undies around!

Underwear is an integral part of the clothing we wear. It’s typically the first thing we put on and one of the last that we take off. Our underwear is the piece of clothing closest to us, so naturally, we want it to feel comfortable.

Comfort matters, but it’s good to know that our clothes come from sustainable, environmentally friendly companies. Many folks want to lower their closet’s carbon footprint, and what better place to start than with five of the most sustainable underwear brands on the market?

1. Boody

Boody is a certiied B-Corporation that makes undergarments primarily out of bamboo fiber for that sensation of extra softness. Aside from bamboo, Boody sustainably grows other fabrics, such as cotton and hemp, to create comfortable undergarments. Also, Boody’s manufacturing plant reduces CO2 emissions, water use, and deforestation.

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2. MeUndies

MeUndies uses a unique eco-friendly material made from Austrian beech trees known as Lenzing modal. The squeezably soft materials have properties that repel bacteria and odors, making them last longer and stay comfortable. MeUndies works with sustainable manufacturers that offer their workers quality working conditions and fair pay to empower them. MeUndies also come in bold and exciting patterns that support smaller artists if you’re looking for something more unique from your undergarments.

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3. Pepper

Pepper is a women-owned brand that focuses on making the best environmentally friendly bras on the market. Aside from reducing the water used in the dying process, Pepper recycles fabric rather than tossing it into a landfill. Pepper has a fantastic selection of wire-free and unlined bras, which provide helpful benefits over wired bras.

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4. Allbirds

You may know Allbirds for their shoes, but they’re no slouch when it comes to undergarments. This company uses recycled wool and even creates fabric from recycled bottles and clothing, making their underwear sustainable and comfortable. With environmentally friendly manufacturing practices and even shipping materials made from recycled cardboard, Allbirds goes hard on going green.

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5. Pact

Pact is one of the most sustainable underwear brands on the market since they make their undergarments with organic cotton. Pact produces its underwear with no harmful chemicals or additives and emphasizes reducing water usage. Pact uses green packaging and even allows customers to make carbon offset choices during checkout, allowing them to do their part to help the Earth.

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6. Eve's Disclosure

Eve's Disclosure creates eco-friendly underwear made for women, by women. The brand celebrates women and their bodies by creating sustainable, gynecologist-tested undies that feel good and look good. Their underwear is ethically produced in the USA, with TENCEL™ fabric that is both eco-friendly and high-performance. We love that these underwear are naturally antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, and they're so comfortable you forget you're wearing them!

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