Unique Ideas That Add Texture to Your Wedding

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Add depth & ambiance to your wedding with these simple tricks.

There is an insane amount of wedding décor ideas on the market—it can be hard to determine which elements will fit your overall theme and aesthetic. Adding texture to subtle details in your wedding will create a sense of elegance and ambiance that you didn’t know you would need. Try out different materials, designs, and colors for the ultimate wedding design.

Hammered Metal Drinkware

Consider copper mugs or other hammered metals if you want a more rustic vibe for the reception. The colors in these materials are subtle, but they match just about any other décor on the table. Guests can also appreciate these cups because the metal will keep their beverages cold throughout the night.


Did you already plan your décor but want to add a few pieces of texture here and there? A tablecloth will quickly fix this problem while adding an elegant touch. In addition, they will make for an easier clean-up at the end of the night.

Ribbon Décor

Have you thought about incorporating ribbon into your wedding? Ribbon is extremely simple to use and versatile; attach it to your bouquets or party favors. You can even choose different textures and patterns of ribbon—consider grosgrain, silk, or satin for a delicate look.

Greenery & Florals

If you move the wedding outdoors, the textures from the greenery and florals will already be there! Relying on natural greenery ensures you don’t have to break the bank when buying additional plants. This creates the perfect backdrop and a fairytale landscape in which anyone would want to marry their best friend. Don’t forget the necessary items you need for a successful outdoor wedding to tie every element together seamlessly.

Throw Blankets

To piggyback off an outdoor wedding, depending on the time of year, it could be chilly outside. Keep friends and family warm by having a decorative bin of throw blankets available to use during the ceremony. This is the perfect excuse to add texture, and your guests will be glad they’re warm!

Unique Seating

Mix and match unique seating at the ceremony to create an eclectic aesthetic of different types of wood and metals. Not everything needs to match; add extra pops of textures that contrast each other nicely. Put a vintage spin on your wedding and browse through various antique stores for seating ideas.

Keep the theme of your big day in mind when adding textures and patterns to the ceremony and reception. Silk, lace, and velvet are the classiest and most elegant materials to add. Try your hand at finding different ways to incorporate these design elements into your clothes, décor, dinnerware, etc.

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