Useful Tips To Practice Body Positivity Every Day

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It's time to embrace self-love! đź’–

Practicing body positivity is no easy feat, but you will grow into self-acceptance when you use these helpful tips.

Body positivity is a growing movement among women that works to eradicate the negative attitude many of us have against ourselves. Whether it is our age, weight, height, or appearance, women constantly feel that there is only a small box we can fit into. Society tends to further promote the value of squeezing ourselves into these strict standards.

However, we are not whims to society or anything that wants us to be anything other than our natural selves. This movement brings awareness to these forces and helps us battle against them. Here are some useful tips you can use to practice body positivity every day.


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You have likely had many moments throughout your life when you felt prompted to talk negatively about yourself. It is almost frowned upon to enjoy and appreciate parts of your body and self openly. Negative self-talk is likely something that comes second nature to many of us—before anything else, we learn to look down on ourselves.

One useful idea to counteract this is to start noticing every time you start the negative self-talk. If you feel comfortable, try to say something kind about yourself during this time. It helps to think of it as de-weeding your mind—every time a negative thought comes up, replace that weed with a flower. Starting this is no easy feat and can bring up a good deal of anxiety, so try these natural remedies to help reduce stress.

Body Neutrality

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Sometimes achieving body positivity can feel impossible. It seems like it’s an ocean away, and all you have is a car to get there. If you struggle to speak positively about yourself, the next best thing is body neutrality. Body neutrality is the concept of viewing ourselves in neither a positive nor negative light but simply from a neutral standpoint. You don’t have to love or hate your body; you can accept it and respect it without feeling like you are forcing a feeling.

Body neutrality is vastly helpful when we struggle to accept our bodies, especially when our shapes don’t fit what society deems acceptable. For example, you might internalize the notion that being overweight or obese means a lack of willpower because society says so. However, when you can view these traits as simply being part of you rather than something negative, you are one step closer to acceptance.

Media Diet

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One cannot understate how much of an effect social media can have on our mindsets. We often scroll upon famous models and actors who look unreal. It is crucial to get serious and monitor what you expose yourself to. For example, if you find that scrolling on Instagram makes you feel bad about yourself, consider unfollowing some people or limiting your app usage. If you can, try to join online places that focus on inclusion.

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