14 New Year’s Instagram Captions For 2018 That Will Give Your Friends FOMO

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If you don't get enough likes, did you really celebrate the New Year?

New Year's 2018 Instagram Captions That Are Actually Funny

Personally, all of our New Year's resolutions have failed.

We never lost the weight, we never gave up drinking straight up bathtub gin, and we never stopped, as we have promised many times before, our addiction to using Postmates.

But this is one resolution we can fulfill. We promise we will give you the funniest and most unique New Year's Eve and Day Instagram captions for all of your social media posts in 2018.

Have you even rung in a New Year if you haven't made your casual acquaintances jealous of all that you've done? Everyone's going to assume you're watching what's new on Netflix instead of partying. We've got New Year's Instagram captions for 2018 that are guaranteed to give your friends major FOMO.

Without further ado here are...

The Best Instagram Captions For New Year's Eve And Day


1. "The proper behavior all through the holiday season is to be drunk."

The perfect New Year's Eve quote for the drinker.

Thank you P. J. O'Rourke. Not sure there's ever been a better way to explain how our drunk uncle spends the holidays. Oddly enough, we're all the drunk uncle now.

2. "Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right."


Oprah's New Year's quote would never steer us wrong.

This quote is uplifting, yes, but more importantly it highlights the fact that we all constant f*ck up everything in our lives.

If there's one person who believes in us, it is Oprah. We can't let her down in 2018, you guys. She's depending on us.

3. "New year, new meh..."

Who has the time to fully commit to an actual resolution? Bettering yourself is exhausting.

No one will really change who they are in the New Year. Sure you can try your best to alter certain aspects of yourself, but you're still you.

Give in to apathy. Meh...

4. "11 more months until midterm elections."


For those of a political mind, you can always start the countdown to the midterm election in November.

Try not to remember that January 20th marks the one year anniversary of Trump being sworn in as president.

5. "I would say 'RIP' to 2017, but that year should suffer just as much as I did."

2017 was a tough year for everyone. There were many moments where you were forced to ask, "This can't be real. Oh, my God. Is this real?"

2017 can rot in hell. Long live 2018.

6. "In retrospect, I'm not the same person I was when 2017 started. Cheers to that bitch."

We have all grown a lot from 2017.

This back to the person you were -- can you even recognize him or her? For one, you have gotten so much more attractive. Wink, wink, wink.

7. Just a side-by-side photo of you wearing this outfit.


8. "This year will not end like last year."

Do you remember just how terrible the end of this year feels? Don't let that happen again. Let everyone know how miserable you are!

Just kidding. But there is always a lot of possibilities at the start of the New Year. Will you land a job? Find a sweet babboo? Overthrow an oppressive government?

2018 is your year to do it all!

9. "Midnight on New Year's is the only time you're allowed to be drunk so early and kissing a stranger."

Any other time of the year, your friends may be trying to pull you away from the beautiful stranger in the bar.

NOT TONIGHT. Tonight is your night to put your mouth hole on another person's mouth hole without the fear of judgement.

You do you.

10. "Here's to another year of 'I'm never drinking again' resolutions."


We all say it after a special night of debauchery, but do we ever truly mean it?

The answer is never -- here's to another year of not meaning that at all after a long day in school or work.

11. "And a crappy new year."


Why does everyone say "Happy New Year?!" You can't promise that!

If anything, here's another excuse to quote Friends.

12. "If you play..."


There is honestly no better way to enter a new year than hearing our Lord and savior Shania Twain singing the hit line from one of her classic bangers, "Man, I Feel Like A Woman."

"Let's go girls," should be how you enter and exit any situation. It's girl power to the extreme.

13. "We'll never see another year that ends in '18. Make it something worth repeating."

I mean, unless you leave until 2118, you won't. But science is advancing every day.

In the year 1918, people assumed by now we'd have flying cars. We have let them all down. Why not picture some unrealistic goals for the people in 2118?

14. "Treat Yo Self 2018"


You deserve this. Treat yourself 2018.

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