Tinder Matches Not Loading? 2018 Fix


Is Tinder Down? Tinder Matches Not Loading? 2018 Fix

Just in time for Valentine's, everyone's favorite dating app appears to be down. Tinder matches not loading? You're not alone. Well, technically I guess you are if you're on Tinder, but you know what I mean. But, don't fret! We've got how to fix Tinder bug. Is it as hard to fix as the love bug?

Don't worry, you'll be matching with your one true love in no time. Make your matches load with this Tinder fix 2018 edition!

Many people are reporting that they are unable to see their matches. While they can still swipe right and left, their matches never load — and they can't receive messages from former matches.

Click through the slideshow (or should I say SWIPE!? No? ...Fine...) to see how you can fix your matches indefinitely loading.

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Hope Schreiber

Tinder Matches Not Loading

First and foremost, make sure you are using the latest version of the app.

If you are unsure if you are using the latest version, go to your App store and check for updates!

As you can see from my screenshot, I only play ukulele and know countless Jeopardy facts and I still can't convince anyone to date me! Maybe they can sense with my Slack and LinkedIn apps that I'm a bit of a workaholic?

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Make sure you're logged into the correct Tinder account.

Have you been catfishing lately? Please make sure you are using your real account!

If you are both updated and logged into the correct account, try logging out and logging back in.

To do this, click the profit icon at the top of the main screen. Go to settings. Then go to Logout.


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It Didn't WORK!

If this process didn't work, then you may have to wait and try again later.

Tinder promises that it is a temporary problem and it will be fixed shortly.

Hopefully, your single life is also temporary.

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