Quiz: Who Said It - Cartoon Character Or Historical Figure?

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Honestly, who is to say that Bugs Bunny ISN'T a historical figure?

Test your knowledge on this trivia quiz: Did a cartoon character or a historical figure say these famous quotes?

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Hey there. How you doing? Going through the motions of the day? Maybe it's Monday and you're lethargic from the weekend. Maybe it's Wednesday but you've already looked at the clock three times in the same hour. Maybe it's Friday at 4pm and you're so flipping close to the weekend and basically done with all your work but it would be tricky to start a new project without finishing it. Maybe you've read CNN, Buzzfeed, or Twitter and you're just over it. OVER IT! Politicians, whistleblowers, the PC police. Whatever is bugging you we have a fun little solution. Take this quiz to determine how similar historical figures and cartoon characters can be. Are Donald Duck and Donald Trump similar? Did JFK plagiarize from Kermit the Frog? Could a Disney character get reelected? Not only will this quiz make you feel better about the state of our country it'll walk you down memory lane. Remember your favorite sassy babies from Rugrats? Or the sneaky Smurf family. This quiz will have you reminiscing about the good times and laughing at the bad times. Historically, historic figures aren't the greatest people. Sure, they've contributed to society in many ways, some positive. But others, not so much. So why not laugh at how similarly they sound to animated animals meant for children! And hey, who knows… if you get a perfect score that could mean only one thing. Your name on the ticket in 2020. Or Mickey Mouse. So sit down, take a deep breath, and start acing this joyous quiz. Worst of all, it'll make you roll your eyes for the second time today. The first being at your alarm clock…

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