10 Reasons We're All In Love With Alex Karev

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Honestly we'd marry him tomorrow!

1) He's a peds doctor


There is nothing hotter than a guy who's good with kids (and then there's being good with kids and saving their lives which is a whole other level). He talks to them in the language they understand, and is willing to pretend that tumors are little men called Phil. Alex Karev holds the kid whisperer trump card and we love it.

2) He's genuinely hot


Sure there's the obvious choices when it comes to hottie doctors at Seattle Grace (Avery and Mark for example), but there's something sneakily hot about Alex. Maybe it's because he's not so perfect that he looks carved out of plastic, so we can entertain the illusion that we would actually have a chance together (yes we know that in real life he is married with a whole gaggle of adorable children - let a girl dream).

3) He's a bad boy


Someone needs to do a study on why a bad boy is just SO attractive, but the fact that he can be a downright ass sometimes makes us weirdly love him even more. Plus sometimes a little dark humor is exactly what these surgeons need to get through the day!

4) He bought all those kiddies over from Africa


Sure he started the program started because he was desperately reaching for something to pad out his chief resident application, but he ended up being crazy passionate about these kids (even turning down Hopkins to make sure it stayed at Seattle Grace). What a philanthropist!

5) He was the one who gave Mer and Der Zola


If it wasn't for this program, Meredith and Derek would never have met Zola and started their super cute family! Although it was a rocky start for this family, they blossomed into a beautiful family unit and they have Derek to thank for it!

6) He's worked extra hard to get where he is today


Alex proved that you don't have to be born with a silver spoon to make it as a doctor. He had it rough as a kid - with time in juvy, a drunk deadbeat father, a schizophrenic mother, and bounced around 17 foster families in five years. Somehow this only furthered his caring nature, making him the excellent and sensitive surgeon he is today.

7) He loves deeply and doesn't run


If Alex's past relationships have proven anything, it's that if he cares for someone, there isn't anything they can do which would scare him off. Cancer, mental illness, and deep dark histories are just taken as part and parcel. It's a given that if Alex will be there when the going gets tough, something that totally mitigates the jackass front he puts on.

8) He's taken over as Mer's person


Cristina has moved to Switzerland and Derek is dead (that still hurts us to write), but Alex has stepped up to the plate to be there for Meredith through all the dark and twisties. We love this friendship more than anything!

9) He's an original intern!


It's only Alex and Mer left from our original five interns, and we have some serious loyalty there. We're honestly still not over the panic we felt after the mid-season finale in December when we seriously thought he was going to go to jail - the idea of Grey Sloan Memorial without Karev is just too much to handle!

10) We've watched him grow


From total jerk and uncertain intern (remember when he balked with the "Heart-In-The-Elevator" situation?) who wanted a career in plastics for the money, to caring and sensitive pediatric fellow who is fiercely protective over his friends. We've seen Alex at his worst, and his best, and we love how hard he's worked to better himself, so Karev will always have a place in our hearts!

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