10 Times Cristina Was The Best Part of Grey's Anatomy


1) When she brought a flask to a baseball game

In a classic Cristina move, we're still laughing about the time she hid a flask in her baseball mitt to make the Seattle Grace vs Seattle Pres jsut that much more interesting.

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2) When she talked about her career goals

We could TOTALLY see her ruling her own planet if this whole surgeon thing doesn't pan out.

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3) When she was the hot dog eating champ

Cristina showed us that her ability to win any contest wasn't limited to academia and surgery. As she said, "You wanna be me but you caaaaan't!"

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4) When she understood how we felt about family reunions

If we're gonna have to hear Uncle Billy recount his trip to the rodeo and tolerate Aunt Linda's questionable political statements, we're gonna need tequila.

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5) When she came up with this line

Literally epic. This came from a girl who knew that her value wasn't just in looking good, but in being a total badass too.

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6) When she still knew she was hot

Sure she's a bomb ass surgeon, but that doesn't mean she can't appreciate that she looks smokin' in a dress and heels too.

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7) When she understood our primary motivation for going anywhere

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8) When she was unashamedly ambitious

"Have some fire, be unstoppable. Be a force of nature." - If you ever need some motivational quotes to push you to be proactive, Cristina Yang is your go to gal. There's nothing wrong with having some drive.

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9) When she let her guard down to help a kid

Cristina didn't often get personal with the patients, that was more Izzie's thing, so it was moving to see her open up about losing her dad to help a little girl who was afraid that her mom was dying. She even skipped out on surgery to stay with her, so that's when you know it's serious.

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10) When she wouldn't let her bestie lose part of herself to a boy

As Cristina said of her relationship with Burke, she kept giving away little pieces of herself to try and become the girlfriend he wanted, and she sure as hell wasn't gonna watch Meredith do the same thing. It was only fitting that in their last deep conversation together, Cristina was there to remind Mer that her value wasn't in her identity as "Derek's wife", and that her dreams and ambitions were important too. Ugh we miss her.

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