13 Callie Torres Quotes That Will Give You Life


From the emotional to the badass!

Callie Torres: ortho goddess and general badass, but also emotional and unafraid to be vulnerable. Here's a glimpse at all the things that made us love her!

1. When she wouldn't be defeated


There's only so much time you can spend wallowing in self-pity before you have to pick yourself up and realize that you are the one with the power to change your situation.

2. When she owned her identity


She reminded us that the "B" is there for a reason and that it's not just a phase. We don't often get to see bi characters on TV shows. It was great to see Callie as a person so confident in her own identity and unafraid to own every part of it.

3. When she taught us not to overthink


It's so easy to get caught up in what other people think, or what you should or shouldn't be doing. But if you spend your life debating your next action, you'll find that opportunities have passed you by.

4. When she was a general badass


Callie had no time for those who weren't gonna give 100% every time, and she taught that to her students. Come to work prepared to take names or find another service!

5. When she taught us about optimism


Callie is the walking embodiment of eternal hope. She hasn't had the easiest of times when it comes to love (think failed marriage to O'Malley, Erica Hahn leaving, and then all the Arizona heartache), but it has never made her bitter or cold. TO top it off,she's always managed to find the courage to open her heart up again.

6. When she gave us a reality check


It's easy to think we're immortal, and that the scary things can never happen to us. Reality is, you can never predict the future, so you better make the most of life whilst you can.

7. When she spoke to our single souls


There is only so much detail we alone people can hear about your life. So recognize that more often than not, the reminders of our single status aren't the best topic of conversation! Don't be the PDA couple that we hate.

8. When she got poetic


Talking about her literally awesome scientific developments, she showed us how to be a general badass whilst speaking to the wider issues that we can all identify with. Goals.

9. When she got creative


We are still laughing at how Callie managed to gain the advantage against Mark and Arizona with the creation of her 'extra-special-vagina-vote' because unless you're giving birth yourself, you can't really argue with that one.

10. When she taught us how to appreciate what we have


We always need reminders that things don't last forever, so it's best to make the most of them while we can!

11. When she stood up for herself


Even when faced with a family who didn't understand her, Callie was never willing to change who she was to meet with other's approval, and that deserves mad props!

12. When she reminded us that there are two people in every relationship


Perhaps the hardest realization comes in recognizing that your love for another person is slowly destroying you. We can only commend her for remembering to fight for herself, too.

13. When she showed us her heart


Callie has one the deepest depths of emotion of any surgeon on Grey's. Her love and support is steadfast, unwavering, and true. That's why we miss her so much!

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