13 Of The Best Lexie Grey Moments Ever


From sassy to emotional, this girl won over our hearts!

Lexiepedia will always be one of our favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy. She was sweet with just the right amount of sass! So, here are 13 of the best Lexie Grey moments ever!

1. When she made her arrival known


Didn't see that one coming now, did ya Mer?

2. That time she hit Julia in the boob with a baseball


Proving not only that she's as petty and jealous as the rest of us, but also that she's a crack shot when it comes to baseball. This chick was clearly picked first in gym.

3. Or when she showed she was a crack shot with a ping-pong gun


Seriously, it would take us like eight tries to actually hit someone, and she does it first go whilst looking super cute. Way to go, Lex!

4. When she understood the power of a makeover


Sometimes, when you can't control anything, you have to do something drastic. Like dye your hair blonde in one go (how did you do that though because our hairdressers told us all our hair would fall out if we went brunette to blonde straight away... asking the serious questions).

5. That time she broke Mark... literally


We're still cracking up over how someone so innocent looking could cause so much damage. Way to go, Little Grey!

6. When she was as bad as us at expressing her feelings


Being honest and vulnerable is HARD, and we seriously identified with Lexi when she was trying to tell Mark she loved him but just couldn't get it out.

7. When she was a chocolate fiend


Girl knows how to eat, and whilst we don't advocate completely self-medicating with food, we can also appreciate the power of a pint of ice cream (or two) when you're feeling sorry for yourself.

8. When she wasn't afraid of what other people thought


Even if other people were giving them the side eye (cough Derek cough), Lexi wasn't about to hide her relationship when it made her so happy. More power to you, girl!

9. When she was the cutest aunt ever


The bond she had with Zola was just the sweetest thing, you could tell that she seriously loved her. Plus she would have made the best Auntie to go to for advice when Mer's kids got older.

10. The times she won the supportive sister award


Perhaps it's because she was the most emotional person around, but Lexie was the best person to go to when you wanted someone's advice, and Mer took her up on this more than once. Seeing these two grow from strangers into best friends was the best.

11. That moment when she chimed in with Yang


Perhaps there was nothing more awkward than watching her sing "Like a Virgin" whilst Cristina cut into a cadaver.. yeah that was a special moment.

12. When her and Mark were tied together even in the alternative episode


So, this Lexie couldn't have been more different to the one we knew and loved, but we couldn't help the feels when her storyline intertwined with Mark's like this. It's like they could never be separated.

13. Finally, the moment she tore out our hearts and stomped on them


This was literally THE most tragic moment, we were all so heartbroken, knowing she was going to die when she and Mark had such amazing plans for their life together. Knowing that Mark joined her shortly after made this both more and less devastating at the same time. All we truly know is that we were never the same.

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