13 Times Derek Shepherd Set The Bar Too Damn High


Call us Mrs. Shepherd!

For the time that he was with us, Derek Shepherd surely set standards for guys way too high. If we're honest, our Bumble bio should just say "holding out for my McDreamy'! Here's a refresher course in all that made him wonderful! <3

1. When he stood up for Mer when people questioned why he was dating her.


We can all be a little crazy sometimes, but it's a nice to think that our ideal man might be able to see past all that and defend our dark and twisty moments.

2. When he was poetic AF.


Excuse us whilst we all remember to breathe. His words were like works of art! Swoon!

3. The fact that he lives up to his name.


McDreamy is as McDreamy does. I mean, do you see that face???

4. McDreamy is as McDreamy does. I mean, do you *see* that face???


Hey Derek, if Mer isn't into all that stuff, we're the first in line!

5. When he wasn't afraid to call out Ellis for being a crappy mom to Mer.


Derek showed us that maintaining the image of a perfect boyfriend was way less important than doing what's right, and fighting for the one he loves, even if it meant taking on her mom.

6. Just the way he looked at Mer with such adoration.


Literal goals. He looks at Mer like we look at a giant slice of fresh pizza and a large glass of wine. True adoration.

7. When he had the amazing idea to adopt Zola.


Not only proving that he was a family man, but convincing Mer that she could be a good mom too.

8. Not only proving that he was a family man, but convincing Mer that she could be a good mom too.


We seriously respect any man confident enough in his masculinity to wear a fluffy tiara and have a princess tea party with his daughter. Killing the dad game, Derek.

9. When he turned down working for the President to stay with his family.


That's pretty much the biggest gig you can get (short of actually being the President), but Derek showed that he thought he job as a dad was just as important as his job as a surgeon.

10. When he made us melt with one smile.


We're sorry we could literally be convinced to do anything if he just smiled like that afterwards. Seriously, jump off a cliff? For that smile? Anything.

11. When he literally saved Mer's life.


Kind of a major plus for a BF is one who's willing to jump into the ocean at the site of a major emergency to save your life.

12. When he stayed by Mer's side, even when things got hard.


Despite Mer really needing to get her life together, Derek still couldn't leave her because he loved her just that much.

13. When he proved that love doesn't necessarily mean a big wedding.


Who needs to drop $$$ on a giant wedding when you can dedicate your life to the one you love on a Post-It!? swoon

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