13 Times Meredith Grey Was You As A Girlfriend

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You're a walking catastrophe, but thank god someone finds you endearing!

Not only is Meredith Grey a force of nature, she's a pretty kickass girlfriend, even throughout all the craziness! Here are 13 times Mer was you as a girlfriend!

1. When he asks if you want to go get food


So what if you're already eating? You can totally go for seconds. The answer is always yes!

2. When you meet his friends for the first time and fail at acting cool


Seriously, meeting the friends is almost as bad as meeting the family, because you know how important their opinion is! Cue you, flustered and stressing, telling that really unfunny joke that you know sucks but you just needed something to contribute to the conversation. face palm

3. When he calls to ask if you're ready to go out


"Yeah, for sure" you say, "I'll be max 5 minutes" - knowing full well that you'll need at least 45 because you're still lounging around in your towel post-shower. Tgod your bf is understanding because even you are are annoyed with yourself for being this unorganized.

4. When he asks if you're cranky because it "that time of the month"


Even if it were true, it is like Relationship 101 that you never ask a girl that. If you weren't being pissy before, you certainly are now.

5. When you've been dating for a while and things get too comfortable


You can see all your single friends pairing off and are low key annoyed by their 'new relationship bliss'. Time to spice things up in here! We're not talking anything drastic, but like maybe he could not lounge around in his underwear and take you out for dinner once in a while? This girl needs some lovin'!

6. When he likes that girls' insta photo but hasn't texted you back


You group text is blowing up and you've hundo p sent screen shots with the 'evidence' of his 'crime'. Who does he think he is? You are his WORLD. He is lucky to have you. You are all ready to drown your sorrows in a bottle of tequila when - oh wait.. he texts you asking if you want pizza or chinese for dinner and you remember that you're the world's worst and are lucky to have him. It's a sad and sorry cycle.

7. When he threatens to post that ugly photo of you on his insta


You had fooled yourself into thinking that you were one of those cute sleepers that looks borderline angelic but then were confronted with the evidence that in fact you a mouth-open slobbering hot mess. You are not above threatening violence to prevent that from ever seeing the light of day.

8. When he ask you what's wrong


You really don't want to be the whiny girlfriend that's always complaining some you just bottle it in in the hopes that he'll catch on to why you're mad..

9. When what you mean is this


Inside your head you are having a full on freak out. It's probably a good thing you keep this to yourself sometimes, because you'd probably weird him out with the level of your neuroticism.

10. When he sends you the most ambiguous of messages

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For all the stick girls get for being hard to understand, the male species 'aint too hot at communicating either. You're gonna need a team meeting with your girl gang to decipher this one.

11. When he does something unexpectedly cute

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You are a total softie at heart, and any hint of romance gives you the warm and fuzzies. You can't help but gush, and as much as you hate yourself for doing it, you're not above dishing out a "Man Crush Monday" if he's done something super special.

12. When you meet his mom and have to reel in the crazy


You totally identify with Mer trying out the whole high ponytail thing - anything to make this woman like you. You know she's gonna be weary of some girl getting close to her son, so you're about to pull out all your best manners and appropriate topics of conversation to win this lady over.

13. When you think about the good thing you have going

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Being a relationship is hard, and you're not about to brush over the baggage that you bring with you. Serious respect to the man who has seen the depths of your dark and twistys but hasn't been scared off. Once you've got over your commitment issues, you're in it for the long haul and feel super lucky to have found a guy that makes you gush. McDreamy he certainly is!

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