Every Feeling A Grey's Fan Will Have Before January 19th, Excuse us, 26th


SPOILER ALERT* It's only 8 DAYS until Grey's Anatomy returns with its mid-season premiere, and as every Grey's fan knows, it's about to be a rollercoaster of emotions!

When you realize it's only 8 days until Grey's is back on your TV screen:

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Let's be real, you've been counting down the days since the mid-season finale back in December, and 90% of your google history searches are for "when does grey's restart?", but the day is nearly here!

When one of your friends says, "I can't believe you still watch that!":


Yes this is the 13th season, and yes those with less stamina have failed to keep up, but for those still watching, the idea of quitting now is impossible to fathom. You've grown up with these characters and seen them go from clueless interns to boss residents and heads of surgery, and you're not about to quit on them now!

When you’re ready to reconsider a career in medicine:


You've watched so many episodes that at this point, you're pretty certain you could pass for a certified surgeon (nothing spoke to you more than the video of the girl who got her wisdom teeth out and thought she was Meredith Grey). It doesn't seem that hard anyway, most of the time the surgeons are dealing with their own drama, which you have to do anyway, and if in doubt you know that all you have to say is "PUSH ONE OF EPI!".

When you start preparing yourself for Owen's heartbreak:


Shonda, can you just pair him up with someone who wants kids already? Was is really necessary to have the "my-girlfriend-doesn't-want-kids" trauma with Christina AND Shepherd?

When you process what the Webber vs Minnick drama means:


You know Bailey is trying to do the best for the hospital, but Webber is like your cute old grandpa who taught you everything and you cannot bear to see him sidelined.

When you remember Minnick is also moving in on Arizona:


Are you supposed to be over Callie & Arizona already? Why does Minnick have to be so cocky? What about Sofia, is she gonna have four moms now? Will someone PLEASE think of the children!?

When Mer seems to be falling for Riggs:


Riggs is turning on the charm, and of course you want Meredith to be happy, but McDreamy is forever going to hold a place in your heart, and you're not ready for a new guy to take his place!

When you remember that you're gonna see Avery’s eyes again every week:


Seriously you could take a dive into those big blues and never resurface because BOY are those beautiful. On a real note, who is the Head of Recruitment for Grey Sloan Memorial, because we could seriously use them for our personal needs.

When you're forced to face your conflicted feelings about Deluca:

via ABC

On the one hand, if he were your doctor you'd find a reason to be in his office every day. On the other hand, WHY MUST HE RUIN EVERYTHING??? Karev is an original and your loyalty will always lie with him. Plus, everyone knows that Alex isn't too hard on the eyes either.

When you remember the mid-season finale cliffhanger:


If you're being honest, you'd blocked out the ending in order to stay sane over the break, but now its only a week until you find out Karev's decision and you're freaking out. Every time you get attached, Shona finds a way to rip out your soul: - Derek dead - Cristina gone - Teddy gone - Izzie gone - George dead - Lexie dead - Mark dead - Alex in prison??? We're not sure if our fragile nerves are going to hold up in the hours before the episode airs.

When you're reminded that someone is 99% gonna die soon:


Shonda, why do you do have to be like this? You will spend 100% of this season on edge because NO ONE IS SAFE, and there's always that season finale on the horizon...


When you remember why you keep watching:


Because when it comes down to it, no matter how many times you might have your heart broken by this show, you love it. You love it for the hot doctors, you love it for the drama of the surgeries, you love it for the romance and you love it for the friendships that hold up to the hardest tests. Sure, it's a complete rollercoaster of emotion every episode, and admittedly you might never be able to listen to 'Chasing Cars' or 'How to Save a Life' without tearing up, but you'll be at the front of the line for this train wreck show every time a new episode airs.

Grey's returns Thursday January 26th on ABC 8/7c.