The 10 Most Epic Plot Twists of Grey's Anatomy EVER

How loud did you scream when each of these happened?

Grey's Anatomy has been around for 13 strong seasons. That being said, the warm and fuzzy times aren't the only thing keeping fans excited about the show. The crazy dark and twisty aspects continue to give life to the show, no matter how much it may destroy the hearts of the fans! So, here are 10 of the most epic plot twists of Grey's so far!

1. When It Turned Out That Jo Was MARRIED

We were getting annoyed with Jo because she wouldn't marry Alex, even though they seemed perfect together. And then this bombshell landed. Not only was she married, but she was married to an abusive guy who she was now hiding from. And her name isn't even Jo!? What?!

2. That Time Mer Found Out She Had Another Secret Sister

Mer just got over bringing Lexie into her life only to have her die! The last thing we expected was for ANOTHER sister to turn up. The fact that Ellis and Webber had a baby and Mer had no idea had our jaws on the floor. Thank god these two finally became friends, because they could both do with an extra shoulder to lean on, given they work at the what used to be "Seattle Grace Mercy Death".

3. When Ghost Denny Was A Sign That Izzie Had A Brain Tumor

Moving past the weirdness that was ghost Denny anyway, we really thought this was just part of the whole "grieving" thing! (Hey, everyone grieves in different ways right?) So when it was revealed that he was there to escort Izzie to her death because she had a freaking brain tumor, we were totally gobsmacked.

4. Or When Jackson Objected At April's Wedding To Matthew

Everything is going smoothly, the wedding is beautiful, Jackson is there with Stephanie and then what's that? Oh yes, suddenly April and Jackson are eloping and running out of the church together! Classic mid-season finale move! Shonda, we see you.

5. How About When George Was On The Other Side Of The Elevator Doors?

NOPE. We were still getting over the shock of George being John Doe. So whilst we were freaking out about Izzie essentially dying in Alex's arms, we totally lost it when George was on the other side of the elevator doors. This wasn't a regular elevator, this was an elevator to heaven kind of deal, and we were screaming at our TV when it seemed like both Izzie and George were walking towards to light, so to speak.

6. Then There's That Time Burke Got Shot

So we were sitting on the edge of our seats as Izzie goes to cut Denny's LVAD, only keeping ourselves together with the fact that Burke was coming back to help. Then BOOM! He gets shot outside the entrance to the hospital, just as Izzie cuts the wire. Um...we're sorry, but that was pretty much enough to have us burying ourselves in the bottom of a bottle of tequila.

7. Speaking Of Shootings, How About That Shooting Episode?

This guy is just going around the hospital looking for Derek, and we're all chill like -well it's probably something to do with the case, no big deal. Boy, were we wrong! Because then he pulls a gun and shoots Reed straight in the head, setting us up for one of the most stressful double header episodes of our life.

8. Or, You Know, The Plane Crash Episode

We were totally wrapped up in the whole 'Alex leaving for Hopkins' drama that this one hit us straight out of left field. This is one of those plot twists that we're still not over and we're pretty sure this episode gave us a phobia of flying.

9. That Time Alex Appreared To Go To Jail

We literally lost our minds when Shonda ended the mid-season finale implying that Alex was about to turn himself in for assaulting DeLuca. He was supposed to be going to trial, which we had just about prepared ourselves for because we could hope that he would get off. But turning himself in meant a plea deal and certainly jail time. You could pretty much find us freaking out about this every day until Season 13 started up again. Not cool.

10. The Motherload: Derek's Car Crash

We saw the first crash, where Derek saved the day and helped everyone to safety, so we were relieved to see that things were calming down. Then cue death, destruction, and despair, as stupid Derek looks for his stupid phone in the middle of the stupid road, and then gets hit by a stupid truck. We literally had NO idea this was coming, because as much as Shonda likes to kill people off, we thought that McDreamy would be safe forever as a central figure on the show. This plot twist showed us that no one is beyond the reach of Shonda's cruel and twisted ways.

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