9 Reasons You’re Lucky If You Have A Perpetually Optimistic Best Friend

Maine, anna kendrick

Who doesn't love a consistent ray of sunshine in friend-form?

Friends come in all different shapes, forms and moods. But if you have ever had a continuously optimistic friend, you know you've got an awesome situation.

Optimistic friends are contagious and even if you aren't completely matching their optimistic awesomeness, you genuinely just like being around it for several reasons.

1.) They Make Those Bad Days Not So Awful


While it can some times be annoying to be presented with happiness when you're soiling in disaster, it teaches you a valuable lesson. Things really aren't always as bad as we make them out to be. We need that persistent optimism to remind us that life goes on and pity parties are no fun.

2.) They Get You In The Zone


If you have an optimistic friend, you know that every other conversation is bound to have some inspiring undertone to it that will make you think you can move mountains. And hey, why the hell can't you?

3.) They Make You Want To Be A Better Person


When you're around someone that boasts about the potential you have or is continuously highlighting the great things about you, it makes you want to live up to those characteristics. I mean, you owe it to yourself, and they'll remind you of that.

4.) They Keep You Focused


We fall off track in life, it happens. We become distracted by things that don't matter or get hung up on people who are just toxic for us. That optimistic friend always knows exactly what to say, and in doing so, shines light on the things you need but sadly had sitting in the dark.

5.) They Tell It Like It Is


Optimistic friends are usually straight forward and don't mind dishing the good with the bad, which is balancing, and is really what we all need. They're constantly looking forward but always telling you why those other things NEEDED to be left behind.

6.) They're Always Looking For The Plus Side


When bad things happen, we have a tendency to sulk like it's no one's business. We damn ourselves to temporary situations that we fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel and move towards it. Optimistic friends are that light and if you feel around in the dark, it's usually their hand there, waiting to lead you out.

8.) They Aren't Just Feeding You Bullsh*t


SUPER optimistic people are usually the way that they are because they've seen, heard, felt or experienced the worst of the worst. Keeping this in mind, you know that their words are always stemming from truth, not just things you want to hear.

9.) They Secure Your Faith In Humanity


Just when we thought everyone was assholes with ulterior motives, your optimistic friend came around and turned that pessimistic mentality upside down.

7.) They Always Have Your Back


Optimistic friends are loyal and they're always voicing that, on top of the other amazing and uplifting stuff they say on the daily. Loyalty and optimism are tied for first qualities with them so you never doubt that they're there for you.

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