Author, Suzy Kanoo Believes Gen Z Arab Women Will Change Cultural Norms

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Happy International Women's Day!

In honor of International Women’s Day, Instagram, @womendotcom is going live with seventh-generation Bahraini, Suzy Kanoo. Author, Suzy Kanoo believes Gen Z women will jumpstart change in the Arab world. Tune in live on March 8th at 9:30 am PST / 8:30 pm AST to hear what she has discovered while she wrote her book, Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women.

About Suzy Kanoo

Suzan “Suzy” Kanoo is the CEO & President of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Company and International Motor Trading Agency. She is also a poet, an author, and the mother of three. As a seventh-generation Bahraini, taking over her family business wasn’t a certain thing. Fortunately, her father believed in her abilities, passion, and intelligence. Today, she is one of the more successful women in business leaders in her country. Within six years, her division of K.E. Kanoo, is one of the top five in the country for its industry.

Suzy earned her MBA from Harvard Business School. She is a member of the YPO top-CEO network and the first Arab woman to chair the MENA division through member elections. Twice a year, she travels to the UN and Syria to help refugee camps around the world.

About Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women

Suzy wrote Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women, to explain what it is really like to be an Arab woman. Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women, was written to elevate their voices.

Being an Arab woman, Suzy loves her homeland and its unique history. However, she understands that her hometown is still a mystery, especially to the West. Suzy wants to share that her country, her culture, and her people are diverse and dynamic.

Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women brings the voices of Arab women out of the shadows. Ranging from painters and journalists; wives, daughters and mothers; entrepreneurs and refugees; to social media influencers and ordinary citizens. Hear Us Speak: Letters From Arab Women is a book by and for women.

“My goal is to introduce certain subjects that should be discussed, elevating voices that have often been relegated to the shadows. I believe it is crucial these voices be heard.”

-Suzy Kanoo

*Hear Us Speak: letters From Arab Women" promises to leave an indelible mark on its readers, and hopefully, make a lasting, positive change in the world. If you are interested in hearing more, be sure to tune in tomorrow!

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