Book Turning into Movie/TV Show: Radically Content In A Dissatisfied World

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Meet Jamie Varon, the author of Radically Content, a book turning into a Movie or TV show!

Do you feel like you are running a mile a minute to keep up with today’s hustle culture? Do you feel guilty for taking a rest day? Well, we are excited to announce that we are going live with the author of Radically Content: Being Satisfied in an Endlessly Dissatisfied World, Jamie Varon.

Jamie Varon’s memoir, Radically Content speaks about the hustle culture of our society and how we can never fully feel satisfied living in a dissatisfied world. Varon’s memoir has caught the eyes of many and now Varon has inked a deal with Camilu LTD! They will be turning her book into a TV show or movie!

Tune in live on our Instagram to learn more about this book turning into a Movie/TV on Wednesday, May 11th at 11:00 am PST / 2:00 pm EST!

About Jamie Varon

For nearly a decade ago, Jamie Varon. began sharing her life with the world through various online blogs. Today, she is a writer, designer, digital course creator, and creative consultant.

Over the course of her career, her writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Fusion, Complex/NTRSCTN,  Medium, Thought Catalog, GOOD, Teen Vogue, The Liberty Project, and SF Weekly. Jamie has become recognized by millions through her writing style of combining her personal story with universal themes.

Back in 2009, Varon, stared Shatterboxx. Shatterboxx is a boutique creative agency. Its mission is to help design bold and beautiful brands through creative consulting. She has worked with clients such as Bed Bath & Beyond, The Bloggess, Erica Jong, Marie Forleo, Penguin Books, and many more.

To learn more about Jamie’s various career projects, click here!

About Radically Content

Jamie Varon has never shied away from speaking openly and honestly with her readers. Her memoir, Radically Content is no different. Radically Content discusses how we live in a world that capitalizes on our dissatisfaction.

We are surrounded every day by the hustle culture in our society but, when is enough, truly enough? Jamie provides her readers with the practical tools necessary to become satisfied in a world where the grass is always greener on the other side.

Jamie believes being able to be content under the normal societal expectations, is revolutionary! When it comes to her book turned TV show or movie, the reviews speak for themselves!

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