Embrace Success By Overcoming Fears With Yoga Trainer & Wellness Coach

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We'd love to introduce you to entrepreneur, speaker, wife, and mom, Kate Lombardo!

Do you find that fear has been getting in your way? Does the fear in your life result in severe procrastination? Women.com is going Instagram live with speaker, yoga trainer, and wellness entrepreneur, Kate Lombardo. Kate is the co-owner and Yoga Director at @YogaRenewTeacherTraining. Through her various life-changing events, she has learned to embrace her fears and not let them take control. Follow @womendotcom to tune in Thursday, March 10th at 11 AM PST/ 2 PM EST to hear Kate's advice LIVE.

About Kate Lombardo

Besides being a pioneer and innovator of online yoga teacher training, Kate is an expert when it comes to embracing success by overcoming fears.

By the age of 22, Kate’s world took a turn for the worst. Her lung collapsed, she was sued by her doctor, and for 5 years, she worked in a career that she hated. When the pandemic hit, her life continued in a downward spiral. While she navigated the early years of entrepreneurship and being a new mother, she watched her multi-six-figure yoga studio business go bankrupt. Kate realized that she needed to make huge changes to her life.

Today, Kate is the co-owner and Yoga Director of YogaRenew. She makes a healthy six-figure salary and is a dedicated teacher training online classes to aspiring yoga teachers. Her main goal is to help as many people around the globe as she can. She hopes they leave YogaRenew with a positive and lasting impact.

Through Kate’s failures and triumphs, she has become passionate about empowering others to live their best and happiest life by doing the things they love. She believes that by sharing her story, she can help others overcome their fears by embracing their inner power and potential.

About YogaRenew

YogaRenew is an international leader in online yoga teacher training. YogaRenew has taught nearly 75,000 yogis and continuously provides the most resourceful training programs to its yogis. Due to the pandemic, its programs have been structured to set the standards for online studios.

YogaRenew is an affordable option for anyone looking to deepen their practice so they can share their love and knowledge with the world.

Yoga teachers who go through YogaRenew’s programs are well respected in their industry and become passionate business leaders. YogaRenew hopes to spread the knowledge of yoga worldwide by educating and inspiring its students. Thousands of yogis have been helped by Kate to become incredible, certified yoga instructors.

One of Kate’s most frequently asked questions is, “How do I make yoga my full-time job?!”

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