From Medical Coma & 1% Chance To Live To Empowering Women Meet Alexa Carlin

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Missed the live with Alexa Carlin? Watch it here!

On January 3rd, @Womedotcom went live with @Alexacarlin. At the age of 21, Alexa Carlin was given a 1% chance to live after getting sepsis. Later on, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. Instead of giving up, she created her own C.O.M.E.B.A.C.K. story and today is a successful public speaker, TV personality, author, and founder & CEO of Women Empower X (WEX).

From a medical coma & 1 percent chance to live to “Most Powerful Woman”, Alexa details her journey in her memoir, Adaptable: How to Lead with Curiosity, Pivot with Purpose, and Thrive through Change. During the live, Alexa shared vulnerable stories in her memoire Adaptable hoping to empower women to stand up while getting knocked down, so they can come back and achieve their dreams.

If you missed the live, we have you covered! Watch the live below to hear her story and learn how to turn her advice into lessons for self-improvement in 2022!

"Life’s obstacles offer two distinct directions: They can push you backwards or fuel you forward. The choice is up to you." - Alexa Carlin

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