Hayley Orrantia Discusses Her New Single "Gasoline" & 'The Goldbergs'

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Be sure to check out Hayley's new single, "Gasoline" being released on August 12th!

Actress, singer, and songwriter Hayley Orrantia joined Women.com’s Jessica Buckley on The Women.com Podcast to speak about the 10th season renewal of ‘The Goldbergs’, her performance in the award-winning “Kinky Boots” and her new single, “Gasoline”!

Hayley has become wildly popular for playing Erica Goldberg on the ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs”. Her successful career includes being runner-up on The Masked Singer Season 7 and releasing chart-topping singles all while, showing her acting and singing talents this past July in the award-winning production, "Kinky Boots" at The Hollywood Bowl.

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How Her Story Begins

Hayley told Women.com in an EXCLUSIVE interview that she began singing at just the age of nine years old. Hayley shared how “a family friend took myself and her son to a roller skating rink and we just had a fun day and on the way back in the car, I was like singing along the radio. She stopped the music and was like you have a really good voice. I was nine years old at the time and I was like, okay, like, you know, okay, cool, thanks. She's like you need to sing for your parents when you get home and I'm like, okay."

Hayley continues by sharing that when she got home, she "sang an acapella version of “Amazing Grace” and my parent were like oh, there’s something there. Do you wanna like take singing classes and like try to do music and I'm like, okay, I mean, I'm nine years old. So like, I don't really know what's going on. But I’m like, I like to do it. In my mind it’s always like how you say oh this kid likes soccer, do you want to try soccer? It's like, that's kind of how it was for me.”

10th Season Renewal Of 'The Golbergs'

With the ABC’s Sitcom ‘The Goldbergs’ 10th season renewal, the star discussed her emotions towards the news explaining how “it’s very much like a pinch me moment." Hayley shares that when they began their table read for season 10, their "producer Doug Robinson read allowed an article of TV shows that have gone or sitcoms specifically that have gone this long and it was a very short list."

Hayley continued by sharing that "it's a bizarre feeling because if you would have told 19 year old me when she auditioned for this 10 years ago that we would still be talking about the show, having this conversation, actively working on it, I don't know if I would have believed you. Not because I don't believe in the show at all. I always loved it since day one. I just had a feeling that it was something special." She explains how "you never know with this industry, what's going to last and what isn't. So it's been kind of a crazy feeling to know that it's been our lives that we've been able to share together and share with people tuning in every week. So it's surreal.”

With the upcoming season, Hayley told Women.com that “Erica and Jeff are pregnant and so my character will be having a baby!" Hayley shares that "we have only read three or four scripts so far, so I’m kind of in the dark as well but we are going to see a lot of Erica obviously becoming a mother and what that entails. Taking on a whole new world like shift change but getting to see Beverly Goldberg as a grand-smother and not just a smother!"

"Kinky Boots" Performance At The Hollywood Bowl

From 3-2-1 action, to break a leg, the interview continues with Hayley opening up about how before her experience performing “Kinky Boots” at The Hollywood Bowl, she previously had a negative musical theatre experience in high school. “I did a musical in high school. It was literally the last one I’ve ever done and to be honest with you, the actual performance and being on stage was amazing and I loved doing that but the culture in high school. The girls were really cruel.” Hayley says. “It felt like the movie ‘Mean Girls’ but in real life.”

Fortunately, she fell in love with her experience performing “Kinky Boots” at The Hollywood Bowl in July of 2022. Hayley said “it was such a cool experience and completely different from my high school experience. Everyone was so kind and so supportive and despite me being the new kid, just wanted to help and be apart of the team. And it was sort of that like group mentality.”

Hayley Sheds Some Light On Her New Single "Gasoline"

With roots in both Nashville and Los Angeles, Hayley shared insight into the inspiration behind her music. She explains how previously, “when I go to Nashville, it naturally just leans country and that's been my experience and that's why I had been releasing country pop music.” However, her new era of music leans more pop and for now, Hayley says, “she’s having fun just, you know, being inspired by different experiences in my life, different relationships between my friends and then kind of pulling from their stories to write about and that's kind of what this new era of music for me has become.” In other words, she is living in the present and letting the music flow out of her fingertips!

Her new single, “Gasoline” written by Hayley Orrantia, Ben Zelico, Gregory Furman, will officially be released on August 12. The single shows a different side to her writing. Hayley shared with Women.com that her new single "is about this sort of on again off again, twin flame relationship where like, you know that you both probably shouldn't keep doing this cycle, not for any like crazy heavy reason, but just maybe it doesn't really work for the long term. But there's either a comfortability level, or a passion of sorts that you just like can't help yourselves."

She shares that originally, she "wrote it as a ballad, and it's this sad sort of song that I will be releasing a version of in a few months but I wanted to challenge myself to make it more of something upbeat and happy sounding because there are moments in that relationship where it's just supposed to be light-hearted and fun and that's why it's like, we're staying in it because it’s not that serious. Like we can just keep doing this until we really can't anymore right.”

Be sure to watch the full exclusive interview to get all the juicy tea behind the 10th season renewal of ‘The Goldbergs’, her experience performing “Kinky Boots” at The Hollywood Bowl and to learn more about her new single release, "Gasoline"!

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