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Meet Julie McClure the Founder & CEO of!

Hello.Me is a hormonal health & beauty brand made for all women. They're on a mission to change what it means to be "hormonal", and they address questions like, “When did being “hormonal” become a bad thing? How did a critically important area of women’s health become a punchline and an insult?” wondered the same thing and interviewed their Founder & CEO, Julie McClure to receive answers and learn more about how women can balance their hormones.

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About Julie McClure

Julie McClure is an entrepreneur, breast cancer survivor, and an expert in clean and clear living. Featured on Financial Post, NBC, Fox21, and many more, today, she is the CEO & Founder of Hello.Me. Hello.Me is an innovative company that produces science-backed supplements that help women take control of their hormonal imbalances.

After graduating with a science degree, Julie continued her education by going to business school. Throughout business school and working 90-hour weeks on Wall Street, Julie experienced chronic migraines. When Julie began experiencing anxiety, she realized that she needed to prioritize her body, mind, and soul.

On her journey with self-care, she was told by doctors that the only cure for her condition was menopause. Julie found this to be unacceptable. Through the power of researching, collaborating with experts in the field, and relying on her science background, she was able to find a solution that worked!

Julie takes pride in being a female entrepreneur in the FemTech industry. After leaving her banking job, Julie has prioritized her passion for wellness by completing 600 hours of Vinyasa teacher training and enrolling in naturopathic medical school.

About Hello.Me

Hello.Me is a new type of self-care! It is a natural hormonal balance supplement company that ensures hormonal health and beauty for all women.

While combining traditional healing and cutting-edge research, Hello.Me collaborates with experts in integrative medicine, anti-aging science, dermatology, reproductive and mental health to develop their products.

For instance, when it comes to hormonal acne, Hello.Me recognizes that to clear it up requires more than using a body wash. All of Hello.Me products are approved by naturopathic doctors and Health Canada. 

Hello.Me offers three unique products. Hydrophoria, Top Up Tonic, and Inner Charge.

"Most people understand what Clean Living is, but never properly execute and implement it into their life mentally, physically and spiritually. I’m here to help you create a foundation for success and a Clear path for your new, authentic, balanced and healthy life, filled with purpose."

-Julie McClure

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