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With the demand for plastic surgery on the rise, learn more with Dr. LaBrasca!

The demand for plastic surgery has highly increased since 2020. According to AAFPRS, they have reported that 70% of AAFPRS surgeons have seen an increase in bookings since the COVID-19 pandemic. They believe it’s due to patients having more flexibility in their everyday lives. To hop on this trend and learn more, spoke with Viral Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. LaBrasca, D.O.!

Originally from Dubois, PA, Dr. LaBrasca is Board Certified in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery through the American Osteopathic Board of Surgery. His specialties include surgical and nonsurgical procedures such as breast augmentation, reconstruction, lifts, liquid facelifts, Botox, and many more!

Dr. LaBrasca is a beloved doctor not only in his region but worldwide! He has become a TikTok viral sensation for his sense of humor, dedication, and skill within the field.

With our desire to learn more, he joined us to speak about what trends are on the rise, where to begin when interested, and what important things we all need to be aware of! To learn more about Dr. LaBrasca, keep scrolling!

“I am thankful and honored to come back to the DuBois area,” Dr. LaBrasca says. “It was a great place to grow up, with hard working, dedicated people—a mentality instilled in me from a young age. I chose plastic surgery because of the complexity and diversity that the specialty offers, and I am proud to offer my services to the DuBois region.”

Dr. LaBrasca, D.O.

Being a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, can you elaborate on your educational background and what you specialize in today?

Every physician goes to 4 years of medical school after receiving an undergraduate degree. After graduating from medical school, I completed five years of a general surgery residency. That's hernias, gallbladders, intestines, thyroids, as well as trauma, vascular, and other surgical specialties. From there, I completed a two-year plastic surgery fellowship. Since finishing my fellowship in 2010, I have performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries in practice.

Depending on their specific needs, how do you advise someone to properly research the difference between a cosmetic surgeon and a board-certified plastic surgeon?

A board-certified plastic surgeon has the same or similar track that I just described. The certification is a difficult and multi-step process that takes years to complete. A cosmetic surgeon has to complete medical school and some training in anything after graduation, but some cosmetic surgeons are actually ER or even family medicine physicians by training. To be fair, many of them completed surgical residencies, but there is no requirement.

How has the demand for plastic surgery changed post-pandemic?

While some jobs and fields of medicine have diminished, the demand for plastic surgery has boomed. You know the housing market? Like that.

Have you seen any common cosmetic trends in 2022?

In my practice, the demand for flat, tight tummies has never been higher. Patients are willing to travel from all over the USA for great results. Also, little tweaks here and there, like Botox, lip filler, and similar procedures, continue to rise.

For those who are interested, what are three of the most important things patients should know before getting plastic surgery?

Most importantly, find a surgeon that you trust and believe in. After talking to a surgeon, consider a second opinion if you have doubts. Second, understand that complications do happen to even the best and most experienced surgeon. Ask ahead of time how your surgeon handles complications. Third, follow postoperative instructions. They exist for a reason, and if you ignore them, everyone is going to be disappointed with your result.

When it comes to influencers and celebrities, can you recommend any of the 'tweakment's' that celebs love?

Well, who doesn't love a little Botox/Dysport? I've personally been getting it for a dozen years, and it's allowed me to age better than many. Otherwise, dermal filler makes a huge difference, as do photo-facial and other non-invasive treatments to the face and skin. That said, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to wear sunscreen every day and reapply when in the sun.

Your TikTok page blends your sense of humor with plastic surgery. Why is it important for you to add humor while discussing important topics?

Do you remember boring classes in high school and college? Not really. You just remember falling asleep with your eyes open. If I did that on TikTok, I wouldn't be here today. I absolutely love what I do, and I love talking about it. I take my job very seriously, but I don't take myself seriously. The smile and the energy are real every single day. The jokes and pranks are also very real!

Speaking about TikTok, many have seen others traveling internationally for cosmetic surgeries. What dangers have you seen arise from this?

Now there are some fantastic surgeons abroad, but one must be extremely cautious about traveling to countries that don't have the same standards as the USA. There can be some life-altering consequences to doing that.

What would you recommend for those who are more interested in non-invasive procedures?

I mentioned a few above, but there are many other good ones, and treatments should be individualized for the patient, including each patient's age, skin type, and desires.

Can you leave our readers with some of the red flags patients should keep an eye out for when selecting their plastic surgeons?

Get another opinion if you aren't 100% comfortable with a surgeon. Not doing so can make for a tough relationship. Second, a surgeon with no before and after pics, or worse, someone else's pics, is a huge red flag to me. Third, I think it's totally okay to talk about cost. Gone are the days of "if you have to ask how much it costs, you can't afford it." I often talk on TikTok and Instagram about how much it costs to have surgery by me because I want patients to know what they're getting into.

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