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Searching for love? Feel inspired by William and Betty!

Finding someone to love and care for is desirable at any age. Many are searching for someone they can trust and feel compatible with. They're looking to share stories and fill their nights with laughter.

When it comes to senior dating, many singles move to retirement communities not to downsize but to find love. After deciding to move, they commonly ask themselves two questions: What does the dating scene look like, and will they be able to meet new people?

The Sky Bridge at Town Square, a Watermark retirement community located in Maryland, has come to understand these concerns. They have redefined senior dating by creating their unique approach. Their dynamic community provides residents a luxurious lifestyle filled with events for senior singles to mingle. From fine dining to romantic date spots, The Sky Bridge at Town Square is providing its residents with everything they could possibly need to find true love.

To show that love can blossom at any age, we spoke with residents William 86, and Betty, 72. Betty shared their story with us to inspire others who are searching for love. Betty and William's story began with a snowstorm back in 2018 and ever since, it's been happily ever after.

Whatever your journey may be, it's important to remember that everyone deserves true love. If you are curious and want to dip your toes into senior dating, keep scrolling to read William and Betty's story. Their love will leave you believing that love can unexpectedly come to anyone at any age. It just requires patience and an open heart.

William and Betty’s Love Story

via The Sky Bridge at Town Center

Before meeting William, was love something you were looking for?

Before Meeting William, I was focusing on my work, plans for a soon coming retirement, whether I would return to my hometown to live etc.; and just taking care of my health and well being. I wasn’t looking for love, but love found me, and its beautiful.

How did you and William meet?

I moved to the apartment complex in December, 2014 and William moved to the same complex in March, 2015. It wasn’t until January, 2018 that we met. A massive snow and ice storm caused our County to literally shut down. About mid-week, I’m outside starting the task of snow and ice removal from my car, and I noticed a tall, handsome man with a bold stride in his walk coming in my direction. We spoke and chatted briefly. Even though he had just completed the snow removal from his car, he offered to assist me. Independent as I am, I accepted and later offered to buy him lunch as a way of saying thank you. His reply was: “I will accept, but only if you will join me”. It’s now that we find out we live in the same building, not only that... but on the same floor!

As Gomer Pyle would say…”Surprise, Surprise, Surprise.”

After getting married in the Fall of 2019, how do you and William like to spend your time together?

We became good neighbors which led to good friends and now husband and wife. Our likenesses were very similar: Traveling, dining out, trips to the beach, water aerobics, going to plays and social events, worshipping in our assemblies of worship, assisting other people and spending lots of time together. Let me tell you, it has never been a dual moment.

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​​How did your family respond to your relationship with William?

Coming from a small family and being the only child, my latter years and marriage to William have showered me with additional family members who share so much love and joy. They honor us as the Patriarch and Matriarch of the family. What a privilege it is!

When did you and William say "I Do"?

February, 2019 at the ages of 69 and 83, we said… ”I DO” We never looked at or thought of age as a limit to life but rather as to what life could bring.

Do you think having a partner later in life has positively impacted your overall wellbeing?

William and I have a lot of things in common and at the stage of our lives, we were not looking at roadblocks. It’s just never too late to enjoy life. We make it happen and I can say we have been a blessing to each other. Never Say Never

The Sky Bridge at Town Center Unique Senior Dating Approach

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In 2020, what brought you and William to The Sky Bridge at Town Center, a Watermark retirement community in Upper Marlboro, MD?

William and I decided that we wanted to look for accommodations for seniors. Our son-in-law facilitated the researching, investigating, etc. and kept us up to date. He contacted this new unique senior community that was being constructed in Upper Marlboro, MD. We scheduled an appointment, toured the community and completed an application. Set a move in date and here we are.

We were impressed with the unique floor plans, extraordinary roof top deck, the garage parking, the convenience of nearby shopping, medical care facilities, walking trail, and the overall community setting. As well the luxury community (event) lounge and fitness center. Sky Bridge offered the blend of amenities we were looking for in a senior community.

via The Sky Bridge at Town center

Can you tell our viewers more about the romantic date spots around The Sky Bridge at Town Center?

We love the outdoors and one of the romantic date spots is on the ‘Sky Bridge Deck’ (up on the roof). There we can recline on a chase like at the beach, cook out on the grills, enjoy the fresh air and open outdoor scenery.

What piece of advice would you like to give others who are ready to find love later in life?

Dating later on in life can be beautiful. Life can provide us lots of lessons to the point that we can be more attentive and make better decisions. It is important to take care of yourself and to not shrug off feelings of uncertainty.

via The Sky Bridge at Town center

If you are ready to find love again (or for the first time) let William and Betty's love story inspire you to remain hopeful. Love happens when you least expect it.

If you would like to learn more about The Sky Bridge at Town Center Click here!

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