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Are you ready to learn how to live a sustainable plant-based diet?! is excited to introduce you to the founder of Sexy Fit Vegan and 22Reboot, Ella Magers! Being an animal lover and dedicated vegan, Ella has been a vegan fitness and wellness professional for over a decade.

With a passion to help others live a healthy, active, and sustainable plant-based lifestyle, Ella inspires her clients through visionary writing, inspiring talks, and compassionate coaching. She believes food should be enjoyable and insists on teaching others how to have a healthy relationship with food and fitness!

Ella was named “Top 50 Trainers in America”, by Shape Magazine. She has also been featured on CanvasREBEL, WELL+GOOD, LIVEKINDLY, Haute Living, CNN, and many more!

If you are ready to have a plant-based sexy fit body, look no further!

“It’s time to stop playing small with the one asset you can’t afford to lose: Your Health. The hard truth is: all those healthy lifestyle choices you’re NOT making, the ones you keep putting off until “some day”? Your inaction and unwillingness to change WILL kill you. Period. It’s time for you to commit to yourself…the same way you’ve committed to building your business or career. All it takes is 22 days to completely Reboot your life and health, allowing you the energy, clarity and drive to continue conquering the world.”

-Ella Magers

Can you please share your vegan journey with our viewers?

Absolutely! The story goes like this…

When I was seven years old (35 years ago), my mom picked me up after school to take me to gymnastics practice. When she asked about my day I told her that we learned about Daniel Boone (one of our first American folk heroes who infamously carried around a shotgun and wore a raccoon hat).

I was confused and told my mom that I couldn’t understand why they called Daniel Boone a hero because he killed and ate animals.

My mom was honest with me and said, “Well, Ella, we are just fortunate because these days we can go to the grocery store to buy our meat to eat.”

It was at that moment that I connected the food on my plate with the animals I loved and told my mom that I would never eat meat again.

By the time I turned 15, I had learned about the cruelty of the dairy and egg industries and went fully vegan - becoming an activist before I could drive a car.

My parents, who initially thought my choice to avoid meat would be a phase (they were meat-eaters at the time), soon realized that my passion for animal protection was embedded deep within my being, and they chose to fully support my efforts to spread my message of compassion for all. I am eternally grateful for their unconditional love and support!

Regarding vegan nutrition and protein, what are some common misconceptions you would love to dispute?

When it comes to nutrition, in general, people have two primary goals. The first is longevity, which means living a long, healthy life, ultimately preventing disease. The second goal is to be physically fit, usually defined by having a lean, strong body, feeling well, and having energy on a daily basis.

First, looking at longevity and protein, people have been misled to believe that we need much more protein than we do to live long, healthy lives. In fact, the world’s leading longevity experts who have studied centenarians and the Blue Zones, like Valter Longo and Dan Beutner, agree that eating too much protein is the bigger problem in developed nations. Dr. Longo, Professor of Biological Science at the University of Southern California says that proteins and their amino acids regulate the two major pro-aging pathways, and that eating too much protein promotes higher rates of mortality and disease. In fact, his research has shown cancer rates to increase almost 400% among Americans who get 20+% of their daily calories from protein compared to those who get 10% of their calories from protein. Also, mortality risk skyrockets to 75% among heavy protein eaters.

Another misconception is that one cannot get quality protein as a vegan. This is absolutely incorrect. Not only does animal protein contain heart disease-causing dietary cholesterol, it’s also often contaminated with antibiotics, growth-hormones, and high levels of pesticides. Plants contain protein! By eating plenty of legumes like soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, and black beans to name a few, along with a variety of vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fruit, you will pack your body with nutrition, and easily meet your protein requirements throughout the day (you do NOT need to get all 9 essential amino acids at every meal).

As for building a strong, lean physique, improving athletic performance, and increasing the amount of energy we have on a daily basis…I’m living proof that it’s absolutely possible to excel exclusively on plants. That said, no need to take my word for it! I encourage everyone to #1 watch the uber entertaining and educational documentary Game Changers, presented by James Cameron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Lewis Hamilton, Novak Djokovic and Chris Paul — a revolutionary new film about meat, protein and strength. And #2…take on my 22Reboot Challenge to get some valuable guidance and experience the difference for yourself!

Why is it important to you to teach others the value behind ethical-based living choices?

I have a deep-rooted drive to empower people to make conscious and mindful decisions about how they move through the world. The more we can align our actions with our core values and connect with pure, unconditional love, the more joyful and free we become.

The problem is that we are all “programmed” as young children (by society, our parents, teachers, other kids, the media, etc.). These programs, disguised as free will, are unknowingly controlling the way we think, and the perspective we have both about who we are and what’s right and wrong. These programs are often rooted in fear and scarcity, rather than love and abundance.

We are programmed to believe that some animals deserve our love and care, while others are meant to be killed, eaten, worn, and/or experimented on. We take this idea for granted, as if it’s divine truth. This programming is the reason why people can love their dog as if that dog was their own human child, and also eat a pig, despite the fact that a pig is no different from a dog in how she experiences joy, pain, fear, and love. I encourage people to challenge the idea that a pig is somehow less worthy of love, affection, and compassion than any animal we call a pet.

I am a founding board member of Hogs & Kisses Farm Sanctuary in large part because sharing the stories of our amazing rescues allows people to connect with animals who usually end up on plates. For example, Dolly, Grace, and Rubia are three sisters raised on a production farm who were spared their lives when the farmer’s wife fell in love with them and became a vegetarian.

There’s something magical that happens when we realize that just because we have a thought, that doesn’t make it true. Life becomes an adventure when we start challenging our programs and approaching ourselves and our thoughts with curiosity and compassion… when we let go of the need to be right and instead open our minds and hearts to discovering the truths we don’t yet know.

Then, and only then, can we begin to own our power, heal ourselves, and do our part to make this world a better place for all who inhabit it.

When it comes to 22Reboot and your approach to holistic wellness and radical transformation, what makes your approach, unique?

Holistic wellness is rooted in owning our power to not only heal ourselves, but to take life on as an adventure - improving our health, learning, growing, and expanding on every level is the mission…physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

22Reboot is all about helping even the busiest professionals and entrepreneurs take charge of their path, prioritize their health, challenge limiting beliefs and destructive patterns- ultimately learning how to coach themselves - responding instead of reacting to their circumstances.

Self-discovery is a fascinating process similar to unpeeling the layers of an onion. Each time another layer is peeled, we are brought one step closer to the best version of ourselves, to living our best life, and to achieving the healing that will help us, in turn, be more effective at healing the world.

I believe that all life on this planet is interconnected. Quantum physics proves that we are all made up of energy, and that energy is not limited by time or space (call it what you’d like… God, Collective Consciousness, the Universe).

Where attention goes, energy flows. When we are caught up in conforming, people-pleasing, and feeling shameful about who we really are and what we look like, we are doing other people, animals, and the world a disservice. We are playing small, and denying the world the service we’re capable of due to our own insecurities and self-sabotage.

We’re all here, having been born into a contract with life… a contract that gives us the fortune of having the full human experience.

What’s extraordinary is that we have the superpower of writing the story of our lives. We have the opportunity to see life as a game of sorts, or even a puzzle, and with the right tools we can step into our divine power, access our conscious mind, and reprogram the old stories that aren’t serving us, and ultimately aren’t serving other people, animals, or the planet.

From a place of inner peace and power, we can realize that we are all connected, human and non-human animals. We can understand that it is cooperation, not competition that will set us all free. We can embrace the fact that true inner peace and happiness can only be realized if we stop supporting and ingesting the suffering of other sentient beings. We can begin to move through the world with passion and purpose, LIVING the change we wish to see on Earth.


Can you tell us more about your 22Reboot program?

I couldn’t be more excited about my newest program, 22Reboot(, if we’re honest, most people have let their health and self-care sit at the bottom of their priority list for way too long. Most people are overweight, under-nourished, and are on the way to an early death that is 100% preventable.

22Reboot is a 22-day holistic health transformation system that teaches people how to disrupt harmful patterns and create a healthy lifestyle that benefits themselves and the planet. This program empowers people to put an end to old, unhealthy habits as they build new habits that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

The foundational elements of 22Reboot are nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and sleep. I take enrollees through a powerful, step-by-step, day-by-day process that results in through-the-roof energy levels, loss of body fat, increased strength, improved sleep, slowed aging, lowered stress and anxiety, and better focus and productivity.

How does the program empower its participants?

22Reboot teaches participants how to identify subconscious, unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors that are keeping them on the fast track to an early grave. They go through a powerful, intentional process of replacing unhelpful, unhealthy habits with healthy habits that will serve them the rest of their life.

As part of the challenge, participants:

  • detox from harmful animal products, ridding their body of the antibiotics, stress hormones, pesticides, and other dangerous toxins those foods contain.

  • learn why willpower always fails…and what to do instead

  • discover simple, science-based strategies that focus on the four vital elements of holistic health: nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and sleep

  • disrupt the counterproductive patterns that are keeping you from an ethical, compassion-based lifestyle

Plus, the average person who commits to this 100% plant-based program will save the lives of 22 beautiful animals, 24,200 gallons of water, 880 pounds of grain, 440 pounds of CO2, and 660 square feet of forest.


What improvements have you seen in clients who have already participated in the program?

Despite having launched only very recently, the feedback we’ve received from people who have gone through 22Reboot has been mind-blowing.

One 22Reboot participant, who is a busy professional like many of our enrollees, wrote an email to me saying, “I really hope you feel an enormous sense of satisfaction for making such a difference, because this programme really has. I am a time poor, short attention span workaholic with an underlying illness - if I can do this anyone can!”

She went on to write, “[My] underlying rheumatoid arthritis has calmed WAY DOWN!! Swelling is down, mobility is better, pain is down. I have been on heavy drugs over the years for this and in 10 days this is better than any of them. I can cross my legs and sit on the floor (I have not been able to do this for about 15 years with knee pain and stiffness) and I can zip up my dress - monumental for me, won't mean anything to most.”

Many people drop stubborn pounds they’ve struggled with for years…

“I lost 4 pounds! I have put a stone on over the last 15 years. I did [22Reboot] for health, so this is a nice bonus.”

People have experienced massive changes in their energy levels and sleep quality… “My energy levels are up! I mean, I couldn't sleep for the first few days. I had so much energy, and now the quality of my sleep is WAY better.”

People are feeling the power that comes from learning the mindfulness strategies I teach in the program…

“I am mentally calmer. I can feel it - I love the Power Pause and I love the reminder of just because you have a thought doesn't make it true - this is epic for me - simple and rewires the brain. Oh and I LOVE how you keep it real on your videos, short, sharp, covering the main thoughts, obstacles and points, you are the first one I have listened to that actually really gets the challenges.”

Even people who are not necessarily interested in eating plant-based, but are willing to give it a shot for 22 days are sharing things like…

“No meat - Have not really missed it and feel happier I am not killing animals… much happier!”

For those who are interested in learning more, where can our viewers stay up to date with you and 22Reboot?

22Reboot is the must-have health transformation system for elite professionals. If you are ready to take charge of their health, happiness, energy, and quality of life in a dramatic and meaningful way, then sign up via today. You can also stay connected with me on Instagram and Facebook.


Ella Magers is the leading voice in holistic health - here to radically disrupt the health and wellbeing of even the busiest, most successful entrepreneurs and leaders. Uprooting unhealthy habits and patterns of neglect, she’s packing decades of experience in holistic health in her new program launching this summer, 22Reboot, the 22 Day Transformation System that distills all of Ella’s knowledge and expertise into a simple, sustainable lifestyle shift. As the founder of Sexy Fit Vegan, and previous trainer to celebrity athletes, Ella has built an international audience to include 60k followers across her social platforms serving the world as a speaker, author, podcast host, and coach. She believes that our bodies and overall health deserve the same commitment, love, and dedication as all other aspects of life.

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