9 Hilarious Times It's Totally Okay To Act Like A Drama Queen

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Because sometimes you have to give into your sensational side.

Under the right circumstances, you've got a flair for the dramatic. And in these nine situations, it's totally OK–in fact, it's encouraged.

You deserve to be (drama) queen for a day. Here's why:

1. When you're on your period.


Think about it: You're bleeding. For 3-7 days straight. Out of your vagina. You're well within your rights to snap at people, complain nonstop, and eat all the chocolate.

2. When you're on hold with the cable/internet/phone company.


You've been on hold for 37 minutes–with a robot. If there's any appropriate time to lash out, it's this.

3. When you're fighting with your siblings.


It doesn't matter if you're all over 30–when your siblings are being annoying, you're instantly transported to the days of your childhood. Mooooooom.

4. When you and your BFF are catching up.


There's nothing like a dramatic trash-talking session with your bestie. Hey, they don't call it "best bitches" for nothing.

5. When your significant other forgets an important date.


You've been prepping for your anniversary for weeks–finding the perfect gift, picking out a sexy outfit, removing every last body hair–and they forgot? Yeah, you can milk it.

6. When you know you're going to run into your ex.


Even if you're 100% over your ex, admit it: you kind of freak when you realize you may cross paths at a mutual friend's party. No judgment​ if you spend 2 hours primping for a casual walk-by. They need to know what they're missing!

7. When you're overworked.


When you're already stressed out, it doesn't take much to push you over the edge. A stubbed toe could result in a 20-minute crying session–and sometimes, that's just what you need.

8. When someone doesn't give a proper spoiler alert.


You've saved up 4 Nashville episodes for a quiet night in when a coworker casually spoils A MAJOR PLOT TWIST. Girl, you're allowed to go off. How else will they learn spoiler alert etiquette?!

9. When you're behind the wheel.


There's something about being in the driver's seat that turns you into a cursing, shouting speed demon; spitting nasty names at any old man who dares to accidentally cut you off. Honestly, no one can hear you–might as well let it out!

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