The Most Accurate August 2019 Horoscope for Each Zodiac Sign

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Who's ready for August?

Your Incredibly Accurate August 2019 Horoscope Is Here

Life is continuing to heat up, so grab a surf board and enjoy the ride!

The July eclipses may have stirred things up and we may feel the effects for several months to come. August has a lot of planets, including the sun, in the sign of Leo. This is a sign of big love. Leo energy shines bright like the sun. It is important to see all people and things with love. Love holds the highest vibration of all.

As we radiate at a high frequency, old wounds are healed and we begin to attract our hearts true desire into our lives. Entertainment is also a theme this month. August is a great month to gather friends and throw a party.

Mercury is no longer retrograde. However, it is best to wait until mid-month before pushing full speed ahead. When Mercury is retrograde it is as if the planet has gone on vacation. Mercury rules electronics, travel, and communication. We are in the period where Mercury is back from vacation, but hasn't unpacked its bags and is still getting caught up on life.

Several other planets are still retrograde, which is encouraging us to take a deep look inward. There is much healing occurring beneath the surface. Find a balance between being social and spending some time alone to meditate, get in touch with nature, or journal to recharge and process your swift transformation.

Collectively, we are going through a huge paradigm shift. As we adapt and flow with the changes, rather than resisting against, we will discover doors opening beyond our wildest dreams. Stay in the essence of love for yourself and others. Love truly heals all.


August is all about romance, children, and fun! Enjoy the summer mode, as you will be shifting into work, health, and routines by the end of the month. Get out and play. You will be the life of the party this month!

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You will feel much of your energy is focused on home and family in August. It would be a great time for you to gather friends and family at your home. By the end of the month your focus will shift to romance. Enjoy!

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This is your month to get your name in lights. If you've been waiting for the right time to publish your website, blog, book, or YouTube channel, the time is now. Several planets are dancing in your communications house most of the month. Let your radiant self shine!

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August will lighten up emotionally for you and if you did the inner work last month, you will reap financial rewards. Find beauty in everything and be open to money flowing in this month.

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You are in the spotlight this month, just as you were born to be! Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the sun are spending most of August in your sign. You will be turning heads. This is a great month for a makeover and initiating new goals.

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You are being asked to take a good look at your dreams and reevaluate if they reflect where you want to go. The eclipse energy may have stirred up some new desires. Now is your chance to change things up before you are forced into the spotlight next month.

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Get out and have fun with friends, Libra! Several planets have gathered in your house of friends and networking. Be social, especially the first half of August. By the end of the month, you will feel ready to retreat.

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Your career and social status house is heating up in August. You may find things are finally falling into place and doors are swinging wide open for you. Keep your head high and walk through the doors with grace and gratitude.

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You may feel like life is on your side all month. Several planets are dancing and sprinkling fairy dust on you in the house ruled by Sagittarius. International affairs, learning, and teaching are emphasized for you this month. Enjoy the flow!

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I'd imagine you are still feeling the deep effects of the July eclipses. You were asked to release some heavy loads and your work is not complete yet. This month, several planets are in your house of death and rebirth. As you continue to release what you no longer need, you will find new opportunities blossoming in ways you never dreamed.

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Partnerships are the theme of August for you! Marriage or engagement are a possibility for you this month. A business alliance is also favored. Enjoy spending one-on-one time with those you love.

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August brings insight on health and work routines. This a great month for you to start an exercise routine or do a cleanse. Spend the first part of August tending to your body and daily routines. By the end of the month, the focus will be on relationships.

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