The Most Accurate Pisces August 2019 Horoscope

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Get your workout routine going, Pisces!

Pisces, This Is Your Very Accurate August Horoscope for 2019

Pisces, get ready for positive changes in your life.

Mercury moves direct, which will translate into a boost of confidence and renewed feeling of vitality. Your work and health house is full of planetary activity the first three weeks of August. You will feel motivated to start an exercise routine and clean up your diet. Getting your home organized or starting a new work project is enhanced.

Jupiter has been retrograde for several months in your house of career and social status. It will go direct again on August 12th, which will sprinkle fairy dust to provide you with new opportunities. You will be noticed and in the spotlight all month. This is a great time to launch something new.

Be aware of your dreams around the full moon, as you may receive prophetic visions of your future. Keep a dream journal on your night stand and write down anything you can remember.

The planetary party moves to your house of relationships the last week of the month. You may meet a potential love interest or feel more connected to your spouse.

Work, career, and social status are on taking up a lot of your focus this month, so make a conscious effort to get out and have fun. Enjoy the energy as the tides are changing in your favor.

Stand Out Dates for Pisces in August 2019:

  • 8/1

  • 8/12

  • 8/15

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