July 2019 Horoscope for the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

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July is a great time for you to travel, teach, and inspire others, Sagittarius!

Sagittarius, This Is Your Very Accurate July Horoscope for 2019

July is a great time for you to travel, teach, and inspire others, Sagittarius.

Meditation is enhanced for you all month as well. The Cancer solar eclipse on July 2nd may bring up deep hidden emotions. Eclipses are beginnings and endings.

Money looks very good for you this month. There is much action in your house of finances, both personal and other people's money. Mercury is retrograde most of the month, so take extra time in making all financial decisions.

You may be traveling this month, so give yourself enough space to allow for delays and circumstance that are beyond your control. The full moon on July 16th is shining a light in your house of money and how you spend it. What you currently love and value is highlighted with this full moon eclipse.

You will be asked to look at where you put your time, energy, and money. If your values have changed, it will become crystal clear mid-month. Make sure you are valuing your time and enhancing your self-worth. There can be misunderstandings or conflict with others about money during this eclipse season. Communicate very clearly and ask for what you need.

Mercury is retrograde, so make sure to re-read every text and email before hitting the send button. The full moon on July 31st in fellow fire sign Leo gives you an energetic boost, which will open new doors for you.

Most of the month you will be delving inward. By the last week of July, you will be coming out of your shell and will experience deep and meaningful love. Be patient and do the inner work during the eclipses, then true love will appear.

Stand Out Dates for Sagittarius in July 2019:

  • 7/2

  • 7/16

  • 7/31

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