The Most Accurate Scorpio December 2019 Horoscope

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Your house of communications is highly active this month, Scorpio!

Scorpio December 2019 Monthly Horoscope Overview

This month, your house of communications is highly active. This a great month for teaching, learning, writing, speaking, and traveling.

The full moon on December 12th is shining a light on areas where you need to be honest with yourself about a private situation.

The new moon eclipse on December 26th will be pushing you to speak your truth in all situations.

You will gain clarity on romance and children. You will feel driven to put your goals into action this month. Money looks really good, so stay on course and trust that all is coming.

Scorpio December 2019 Love and Relationships Horoscope

The rose-colored glasses have been removed and you are seeing romance in your life, or lack of it, realistically.

The planet of love, Venus, will be spending the first three weeks of December in your house of communications. Be emotionally vulnerable with loved ones this month.

If you are hitched, this is a great time to talk about your feelings in your relationship. Single Scorpio women would do well putting up an online dating profile at this time.

On December 21st, Venus moves into the sector of home and family. You may find yourself lingering under the mistletoe at home with someone special by the end of the month.

Scorpio December 2019 Career Horoscope

Your house of communications is packed in December.

If you've been thinking of writing, publishing, public speaking, launching a blog, or teaching a skill, this is the month to get it out into the world. You have so much to say on a very deep level and the time is now.

To add an additional push, driven planet Mars will be spending the month in your house of stepping out of your shell and making things happen.

By New Year's Eve, your new creation will be ready to shine. You've got this!

Scorpio December 2019 Health and Wellness Horoscope

You will start feeling energized again this month. November may have felt a bit sluggish, but your vitality has returned.

You are a very focused sign and if you put your mind to something, there is no stopping you.

You'd do well with a daily, early morning exercise routine this month. You have the drive and the discipline to stick with any health goal you set for yourself this month.

Stand Out Dates for Scorpio in December 2019:

  • 12/12

  • 12/21

  • 12/26

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