Virgo March 2019 Horoscope for the Month

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It is important for you to explore your inner world and spirituality this month!

Virgo March 2019 Horoscope

The main theme in your March 2019 horoscope, Virgo, is take a risk.

Your ruling planet Mercury is retrograde in your opposite sign of Pisces. You're a planner and focus on every detail. This month, it's important to trust in the process even when you don't know exactly how life will unfold.

Get out of your comfort zone and think outside the box. The more you take a chance, the more you will reap the rewards of a new beginning.

The planetary aspects are showing lots of new opportunities being presented to you, but only if you first let go of fear.

Another big theme for you is relationship reevaluation. If something is not working for you in a relationship, change it. It doesn't mean the relationship has to end, but maybe change is needed for you both to thrive. This could simply mean a change of your current setting.

Travel is emphasized, so go take a trip and have fun. Your career could take you in a new direction as well.

You will feel a deeper spiritual connection this month. Virgo, this is a good month for you overall. Dig deep, release old fear, and then get out there—travel, start a new career, and walk through the open doors!

Stand Out Dates for Virgo March 2019:

  • 3/1

  • 3/19

  • 3/31

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