Ladies, Here Are 5 Ways You Can Prioritize & Enhance Your Sexual Wellbeing

ladies, Here Are 5 Ways You Can Prioritize & Enhance Your Sexual Wellbeing
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Don't neglect this important component of your overall health!

In honor of Sexual Health Month, here are 5 easy ways any woman can prioritize and enhance her sexual health and wellbeing. Sexual wellbeing is an important part of your overall health that many people tend to neglect due to "taboo" notions. It's time to start prioritizing your sexual health as much as you prioritize all the other components of wellbeing. Sexual health can and should be more than just your annual visit to the OBGYN, it can actually be fun! From sex toys, to CBD infused oils, check out our list of easy ways to elevate your sexual health.

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1. Sex Toys

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A major component of sexual health is pleasure and arousal. Sex toys are a great way to satisfy your pleasures, and luckily there is a wide variety available so you will surely find something to do the trick for you! We've listed a few of the internet's favorite and highly-rated sex toys, but try out whatever floats your boat!

2. CBD Products

CBD is a natural compound that can have an array of benefits for your sexual wellness. If you haven't already heard of the brand Foria, give us the honor of introducing you! Foria is a sexual health and wellness brand that is pioneering the world of CBD-powered sexual wellness products. From CBD infused all-natural Sex Oil made of only two ingredients (coconut oil & CBD), to their insertable CBD Suppositories that can provide quick and effective relief for cramping and vaginal discomfort. It's time you switch to a natural lubricant anyways, so try out Foria next time!

To celebrate the end of World Sexual Health Month, Foria is having a Flash Sale From Wednesday 9/29-Thursday 9/30! Get 20% off their entire Intimacy Collection!

3. Track Your Cycle

Tracking your cycle is an absolute game-changer that will transform your overall health. The act of "cycle syncing" is matching your health style to your menstrual cycle. Use an App like FLO or Bloomth to track your cycle and adjust your lifestyle based on your own cycle. You may want to avoid sugars or caffeine during certain times, or expect to be tired other times. Knowing and tracking your cycle will allow you to make these certain easy adjustments that will make you feel so much better. Natural Cycles is a "natural birth control" app that uses cycle tracking to tell you when you're ovulating so you can remain abstinent on those days. According to the app, when used perfectly is 98% effective!

4. STD Testing

Testing yourself regularly for STD's is an important part of your sexual health. STD's can often happen without any symptoms, and if left untreated can cause serious health problems. Even if you're not showing symptoms, it's important to regularly screen yourself for STDs. Luckily, Everlywell is making it easier than ever! Everlywell offers simple, at-home STD tests that check for 7 sexually transmitted infections that could harm you if left undiagnosed, all from the privacy of home. You can purchase a one-time test or subscribe to their semi-annual tests and save 15% - a great way to stay on top of testing and at a great price!

5. Lifestyle Adjustments
  • First off, de-stigmatize any previous notions you have about sex and sexual health being a taboo subject. Being open and comfortable to prioritize your sexual wellbeing is a huge and important step.

  • Less is more - avoid washing down there with anything stronger than warm water. Even though some products out there claim to cleanse or balance the vagina, the best thing you can do is avoid any possible irritants and just wash with water. The same goes for your lubricants or any other products you apply, make sure you're reading the ingredient list and go for the simpler, natural products!

  • Go to an OBGYN regularly. It's recommended that you see an OBGYN about once a year for your regular check-ups. Under other conditions like pregnancy, this amount will vary.

  • Exercise and eat healthy! Sexual health is just one element of your overall health and a chain is only as strong as its weakest link!

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