In Honor of National CBD Day: Here Are the 8 Best CBD Products for Women

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You'll wonder how you ever lived without these products!

In honor of National CBD Day (August 8th), we've rounded up our favorite CBD products from around the internet. If you didn't already know, CBD is a non-psychoactive, natural compound that can have a variety of health benefits both physically, mentally, and holistically. While there's still limited evidence confirming CBD's effectiveness in healing, information and studies so far show that CBD can have powerful and effective benefits in various facets of mental and physical wellbeing. This natural component can help alleviate anxiety, relieve pain like period cramps, help with nausea, get acne under control, ease tension, and so much more! From anxiety-relieving gummies, to arousal-inducing sex oil - here are the CBD products that will change every woman's life for the better.

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1. Foria Relief Salve with CBD & Kava

Relieve aches and pains instantly with this topical salve that contains a whopping 600 mg of full-spectrum CBD from organically-grown hemp. Rub this magical balm on any period cramps, joint pain, or muscle aches you might have for immediate relief. This salve contains 100% organically-grown kava kava, ginger, St John’s wort, eucalyptus, and more, gently moisturizing skin while soothing pain. A must-have for any medicine cabinet.

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2. Highline Wellness CBD Gummies

Feel like yourself, minus the anxiousness. Whether you need some extra support every day or a little bit once in a while, CBD gummies can help promote a sense of calm, enabling you to better manage your daily stresses. These CBD gummies come in two varieties of serving size: 10mg (300mg per bottle) or 20mg (600mg per bottle) of all-natural, hemp-derived CBD. If you have trouble sleeping, check out their Nighttime CBD Gummies that contain CBD plus 5mg of Melatonin to help you calm down, fall asleep and stay asleep.

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3. Standard Dose Tasteless Tincture

If you're looking for stronger and faster relief, try a CBD tincture like this one from Standard Dose that contains 1000mg CBD isolate and MCT oil. Created for daily use, this formula adapts to your body’s unique chemistry to help reduce inflammation and pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and elevate your daily wellness routine.

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4. Public Goods CBD 20 MG Soft Gels

If you're more comfortable or if it's easier for you to regulate your CBD consumption through capsule form, try these Soft Gels from Public Goods. Their capsules contain a potent 20 milligrams of CBD, are non-habit-forming and non-impairing, making them the perfect multi-purpose go-to.

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5. Foria Cramps Be Gone Bundle

Tackle period discomfort from the inside out with Foria's two best-selling Relief formulas. This bundle contains one Relief CBD Salve and eight Relief CBD Suppositories. The salve contains 600 mg of CBD and can be applied topically to instantly relieve menstrual cramps. The suppositories each contain 100 mg of CBD, and when inserted, can prevent and ease cramping, inflammation, and pelvic discomfort.

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6. Populum Lavender + CBD Face Oil

Studies have shown that CBD can be an effective and natural way to clear acne, and keep your skin looking fresh and moisturized! We highly recommend Populum's Lavender + CBD Face Oil, which locks in moisture, fights acne, and reduces fine lines. Each bottle contains 250mg of Full Spectrum CBD Extract. For best results apply 4-5 drops to face and neck every night after cleansing.

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7. Wildflower Lavender Soap

The Lavender Soap from Wildflower brings together lavender, full-spectrum CBD, and coconut oil for healthy, hydrated skin. It can be used as an everyday soap, as shampoo, or even for removing makeup. Using a CBD-infused soap can help control acne, reduce eczema flare-ups, and soothe irritated skin.

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8. Foria CBD Sex Oil

CBD has so many benefits in terms of Sexual Wellness. Foria, a sexual wellness brand has pioneered the CBD-sex industry by creating some amazing CBD-infused products to enhance one's sexual health and wellbeing. Our favorite can't-live-without product of theirs is their CBD Sex Oil. This bedroom essential contains 400 mg of broad-spectrum CBD to enhance arousal, soothe and excite. Used topically, CBD promotes increased blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure. CBD also helps relax muscles & ease tension, increasing arousal and leading to better sex. So whether you experience pain during sex or are just looking for a great natural lubricant - Foria's Sex Oil is an absolute gamechanger.

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