Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings You’ll Fall in Love With

Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings You’ll Fall in Love With
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Don't worry - we've linked all the dupes for you to shop as well!

With a slew of recent A-List celebrity engagements, it’s hard not to be influenced by their engagement ring style choices when making your own decision. Some celebrities like Ariana Grande and Emily Ratajkowksi have opted for a double stone (or stone + pearl) combination, while others like Kourtney Kardashian have stuck with the classic and elegant single oval diamond. We’re seeing other unique and meaningful variations like in Scarlett Johanssons’ and Megan Fox’s rings, and we’re loving all the non-conventional looks! We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite celebrity engagement rings and even researched some dupes for you to shop, all in this list.

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Megan Fox's Engagement Ring

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Megan Fox’s stunning custom two-stone engagement ring from Machine Gun Kelley is everything but conventional - and we love it! Machine Gun Kelly explained to Vogue, the bands of the ring are adorned with thorns, so it will “hurt” if she takes it off. The diamond and Colombian emerald are offset on separate bands, and when worn together are held in place by a magnet to form an obscure heart, representing their love coming together. The ring was created as a custom piece by Stephen Webster Jewelry, but don’t worry, we’ve found a few similar options we think you’ll love.

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Scarlett Johansson's Engagement Ring

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Scarlett Johansson recently debuted her gorgeous and unique engagement ring and it’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. This ring features a whopping eleven-carat light brown, elongated pear-shaped diamond, set on a curved black ceramic band. The combination is absolutely breathtaking. The stone used on Scarlett’s ring is extremely rare, and even though her ring is one of a kind, we’ve found some similar options for you to shop below.

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Kourtney Kardashian's Engagement Ring

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In case you missed it, Kourtney Kardashian went for a classic, elegant style for her engagement ring. Created by luxury jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, this ring features an elongated (and oversized) oval diamond, on a thin gold pavé band. While Kourtney’s engagement ring features a rock estimated to be 10 to 12 carats (!!!), this ring style looks classic and elegant with any size diamond, or even moissanite. You truly can’t go wrong with the classic oval on gold band - we’ve listed a few of our faves below!

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Ariana Grande's Engagement Ring

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Ariana Grande got engaged - and married - during the pandemic and her ring is so special and fitting for her personality. This ring features the “Toi et Moi” style we’re seeing more and more, except hers has an oval diamond set offset, next to a pearl. The pearl on the ring is actually a family heirloom, Ariana explained in a tweet, "Nonna had a ring made for me w/ the pearl from grandpa's tie pin. she says he told her in a dream it'd protect me.”

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Emily Ratajkowski’s Engagement Ring

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Okay, Emily Ratajkowski’s engagement isn’t necessarily “recent”, but we had to include her iconic two-stone engagement ring on this list. As evidenced in this list, the “Toi et Moi” style engagement ring is definitely trending - but Emily was one of the first celebs to rock this style - pun intended. Emily’s ring, which she and her husband designed themselves and had realized by Alison Chemla, features a princess cut and pear cut diamond combination. Why have one diamond when you can have two? Shop these similar options below.

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