22 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Brands to Support in Honor of Earth Day 2022

22 Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Brands to Support in Honor of Earth Day 2022
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These brands are making it easier to buy eco-friendly products, now it's up to you to make the switch.

In celebration of Earth Day 2022, we’ve rounded up 22 sustainable and earth-focused brands that are on a mission to save the environment. Many of these brands are small businesses, women-owned, or B-Corporations, so you’ll be supporting a good cause while supporting the earth. Some of these businesses create products to help you lead a more sustainable life, while others create products you need in a way that gives back to the environment. In 2022 there’s really no excuse not to focus your shopping and spending around eco-friendly practices, and luckily these brands are making it easier than ever to get what you need without compromising environmental impact. Do your part in giving back to the earth by shopping these brands and spreading the word!

Before you continue, we'd like to let you know that this list may contain affiliate links, meaning we may collect a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase.

1. Last Object


Sustainable and reusable alternatives to Q-tips, cotton rounds, tissues, & more.

If you’re not familiar with Last Object, they’re a game-changer when it comes to switching to sustainable products. They offer a range of sustainable and reusable alternatives to your everyday one-time use products - Q-tips, tissues, and cotton rounds! Last Object proves that small changes can have a big impact; 3 billion single-use items have already been eliminated by their customers! Make the switch today.

Click here to shop Last Object!

2. Moon Valley Organics


Clean and organic skincare brand focused on protecting pollinators.

When it comes to skincare, it’s important to opt for a sustainable and clean brand, especially since these products end up in our waters, on our skin, and in our bodies. That’s why we love Moon Valley Organics. They use “hardcore organic” ingredients aka sustainably grown and harvested herbs from their 10-acre organic farm, nestled beneath the Cascade Mountains. They actually help bees, butterflies and hummingbirds thrive by expanding their habitat and advocating for a pesticide-free future. Not only do they help the environment in their own practices, they’re also a B-Corp that donates 10% of their profits to help protect pollinators through direct action and contributions to non-profits. Offering everything from hand soap and lotion bars to lip balms and hair oils, we highly recommend Moon Valley for all your beauty needs.

Click here to shop Moon Valley Organics!

3. Biom


Plant-based, biodegradable, refillable all-purpose & sanitizing wipes.

Biom makes 100% plant-based, biodegradable wipes that you can refill, making cleaning easier for you and the environment. Did you know that 90% of wipes contain plastic, creating billions of pounds of waste every year? Biom wipes are home compostable, plant-powered, effective against 99.5% of germs, plastic free, safe to use on hands, made with 100% natural ingredients, and come in eco-conscious packaging that looks good enough to display in your home.

Biom is also doing a special Earth Day promotion from 4/22-4/24 where they're offering 15% off sitewide with code EARTHDAY15!

Click here to shop Biom!

4. Seattle Chocolate Co.


Chocolates made from ethically and sustainably sourced cacao.

Meet Seattle Chocolate Co., the sustainable, women-owned chocolate company that we’re absolutely obsessed with. We’ve featured this incredible brand before, including in our philanthropic women-owned brands article, and we’re even interviewing CEO Jean Thompson on Earth Day - be sure to tune in on our Instagram (@womendotcom)! There are so many reasons to love and support Seattle Chocolate Co.; on top of donating 10% of its profits to Girls Inc., Seattle Chocolate Co. is also committed to protecting the earth and sourcing its cacao ethically and sustainably. You can read more about their sourcing on their website, and learn more during our Instagram Live interview with Jean on April 22nd at 12:30 PST!

Click here to shop Seattle Chocolate Co.

5. Repurpose


Plant-based, compostable tableware, paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags & more.

Repurpose is a female-founded business with a mission to eliminate plastic pollution. They create plant-based, compostable home goods and since launching, have kept 3,531,805 lbs of waste out of landfills… and counting! All of their products and materials are completely non-toxic - free of PFAS, BPA, and other common household toxins. RePurpose uses upcycled and renewable materials to create their compostable tableware, paper towels, toilet paper, bags, cups, straws, and more. Make the switch to these sustainable home products and save plastics from ending up in our environment!

Click here to shop Repurpose!

6. BL+


Skincare products created from the bioactive elements of Iceland's Blue Lagoons.

BL+ Skincare was inspired by the beautiful lagoons of its native country, Iceland, and the will to protect these lagoons, and the rest of our environment. The key ingredient in BL+ skincare is BL+ COMPLEX, a blend of sustainably sourced bioactives from the magical blue lagoons that the brand is named after. BL+ believes that less is more, and they’re committed to less waste, and more results. To further protect the environment, BL+ partners with Pachama to offset carbon emissions, making them carbon neutral all the way from their warehouse to your door.

Click here to shop BL+!

7. Itemerie


Marketplace offering ethically & sustainably made items from local artisans.

Itemerie is a marketplace offering ecologically responsible items for you and your home. They thoroughly vet all of the products and vendors on their site to make sure they’re 100% ethically made, and non-toxic. Their items come from local artisans and are made with sustainable materials and genuine care for the planet. On top of that, they use recycled and recyclable packaging and offer customers the option to plant a tree to offset the carbon footprint of their order. So whether you're shopping for home goods, beauty products, or accessories, shop Itemerie and support local artisans and the environment!

Click here to shop Itemerie!

8. Dr. Bronner's


All-purpose organic soaps that support small farmers using regenerative farming.

There’s SO much to love about Dr. Bronner’s, we don’t even know where to begin! As a Benefit Corporation and a Certified B Corp, Dr. Bronner's is committed to giving back. They use only the purest organic and fair trade ingredients to make their signature all-purpose (literally, use them for anything) pure-Castile soaps. Their small-scale farmer suppliers receive fair pay, good working conditions, and even loans and community development projects to support their farms and local economies. They also use regenerative agricultural techniques that actually leave the soil better than it was! Dr. Bronner’s can be used on body, hair, face, mouth & teeth, food, dishes, laundry, mopping, pets, and more — if you haven’t given it a try, now's your time!

Click here to shop Dr. Bronner’s!

9. Eco Lips


Lip balm brand that uses sustainably sourced ingredients & gives back to environmental causes.

If you’re going to buy a lip balm, make sure it’s an eco-friendly one like Eco Lips! Their new PlantPod containers are 100% plastic-free, they cultivate their ingredients sustainably using fair trade practices, and their facility even runs on solar power. Not to mention they’re a B-Corp, meaning they’re using their business for good, and they give back to various charities including ones focused on environmental causes. Eco Lips lip balms are all-natural, organic, smell amazing, and will leave your lips nourished and hydrated.

Click here to shop Eco Lips!

10. Bubble Tree USA


The first-ever eco-friendly, non-toxic, refillable bubbles in aluminum bottles.

Whether you’re shopping for bubbles for an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or just to have some fun bubbles on hand, we encourage you to shop the first-ever eco-friendly bubbles brand, Bubble Tree USA. We love Bubble Tree because they offer an eco-friendly, non-toxic bubble solution that comes in a recyclable, high-quality aluminum bottles that can be refilled and reused! In honor of Earth Day, say goodbye to another single-use product, and say hello to Bubble Tree USA!

Click here to shop Bubble Tree USA!

11. Tonic


All-natural soap bars made with solar power, sustainable packaging, and carbon-neutral shipping.

Tonic creates all-natural soap bars for your hair and body, lusciously hydrating lotions, and refreshing room sprays. All their products are made sustainably with all-natural ethically sourced ingredients at their 100% solar-powered studio and formulated to use as little water as possible and as a member of Palm Done Right, they use only ethical, traceable, de-forestation free palm oil. They deliver your products with carbon-neutral shipping and in fully reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging. They’re also a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning they donate 1% or more of their profits to support environmental and social justice projects.

Click here to shop Tonic!

12. Swiminista


Bathing suit brand that uses high-quality fabrics made from recycled plastics.

This women-owned bathing suit brand makes its swimsuits from high-quality fabric made from post-consumer plastics in an effort to reduct the impact that swimwear has on the environment. Another reason to love this sustainable swimwear brand is the fact that they’re made for comfort, functionality, and look amazing on everyone. Founder, Andréa Bernholtz, sought to create an eco-conscious, supportive swimwear line, and with Swiminista she achieved just that!

Click here to shop Swiminista!

13. Kind Cup


Menstrual cup made from sustainable materials that can be reused up to 10 years.

One of the most sustainable tampon-alternatives is the menstrual cup, and no one does the menstrual cup better than Kind Cup. Kind Cup is unique because of its ergonomic, patented design that curves with your body to fit comfortably and leak-free. Kind Cup aims to make a positive impact both environmentally, and socially, by donating their cups to people in need to help end period poverty. They're 100% plastic-free in all aspects of their business, have a low carbon footprint, and can be used up to 10 years!

Click here to shop Kind Cup!

14. MyKirei by KAO


Japanese self-care brand that revolutionized refillable packaging.

MyKirei by KAO is inspired by the Japanese belief that caring for yourself, your society, and the world around you is the key to simple, beautiful living. They create sustainable, responsible, and innovative self-care products that combine performance and purpose, like their Yuzu Flower Foaming Hand Wash! KAO has been around for over 130 years and they’ve actually revolutionized refillable packaging with their introduction of plastic film refill packaging that helped move the market to make 80% of all packaging refillable! You can read more about their sustianable practices including their partnership with TerraCycle®, which allows you to send your used AIR bottles to be recycled and earn rewards for your school or favorite non-profit!

Click here to shop MyKirei!

15. Westerlay


The most sustainably sourced orchids you can buy.

Westerlay offers the most sustainably sourced orchids you can buy. Located on the beautiful Santa Barbara coast, Westerlay takes many measures to protect our environment, from using naturally occurring predators instead of pesticides, to recycling their ‘waste’ exhaust into pure CO2 that can be injected back into the greenhouses to improve photosynthesis by up to 15%. They explain the science behind all their sustainable practices in detail on their website. Long story short, if you’re shopping for orchids, choose Westerlay!

Click here to shop Westerlay!

16. Voited


Functional activewear and outdoor gear made from recycled materials.

Voited creates sustainable activewear like ponchos, footwear, blankets (even dog blankets), made from materials that are "environmentally friendly, of ethical origin, and that do not compromise function and form”. On their website, you can read all about their fabrics made from recycled materials like their REPREVE®, which transforms recycled bottles into a water-repellant, temperature adjusting fibre. Their blankets are perfect for camping or any outdoor activities, after all, you might as well give back to the earth while enjoying it!

Click here to shop Voited!

17. Apiceuticals


Clean skincare products made from the natural remedies of bees (honey, propolis, etc.).

Created by the “Bee Brothers” - a set of brothers whose family was the first to introduce organic and sustainable beekeeping in Greece in 1981 - Apiceuticals is a line of clean skincare products incorporating the latest in Bee Science and Research. Did you know that bee remedies (honey, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax) can have extraordinary benefits for our health… and beauty? The Bee Brothers partake in sustainable and ethical beekeeping to source the products for their proprietary beauty line.

Click here to shop Apiceuticals

18. Força Foods


Simple vegan snacks made with organic watermelon seeds, a sustainable crop.

You can save water by eating Força Foods snacks that are vegan, gluten-free, and only 5 simple ingredients. Their energy bites and nut-free trail mixes contain 100% clean and organic ingredients, like watermelon seeds instead of nuts which use much more water to grow. Switching to snacks that contain less water-intensive crops is an easy yet impactful way to reduce your environmental impact and Força Foods is making that easier than ever!

Click here to shop Força Foods!

19. Path Water


Water brand using recyclable aluminum bottles & giving back to charities.

Path Water is on the mission to end single-use plastic water bottles. They’ve created the first certified refillable and 100% recyclable bottled water packaged in a sleek and sturdy aluminum container. They offer still, sparkling, and alkaline waters in their BPA-free aluminum bottles. Aside from their commitment to the planet, Path also partners with various charities and nonprofits like the National Forest Foundation, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, tenure, the Wounded Warrior Project, and many more.

Click here to buy Path Water!

20. Lavanila


Body care made with sustainable & ethical ingredients, plus every order plants a tree.

Lavanila creates body care, fragrance, and candles, made with their fresh, pure, proven, and sustainably/ethically harvested ingredients. They replace harsh chemicals with natural technology, and their products are packed with high-powered antioxidants, vitamins, and natural oils that soothe and nourish your skin. Their products never contain any Aluminum, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oils, Silicone, Synthetic Dyes, Sulfates, or Parabens. Plus for every order placed on their website, they plant a tree! Try their famous “Healthy Deodorant” and you’ll never go back!

Click here to shop Lavanila!

21. Baggu


Unique and colorful reusable bags eliminating the need for plastic bags.

Baggu is one of our favorite sustainable brands, creating the cutest reusable bags, eliminating the need for plastic bags. This AAPI women-owned brand creates its reusable bags using recycled nylon and using as few materials as possible. Throughout the years they’ve worked towards addressing sustainability more holistically, you can read more about their practices here on their website. Baggu bags make great gifts, and are durable to last years and years so you can say goodbye to plastic bags forever!

Click here to shop Baggu!

22. Third Eye Headlamps


Headlamps made from recyclable, non-toxic plastic and come with a lifetime warranty.

Third Eye Headlamps is on a mission to create sustainably made, high-quality products to help people embrace the wonder of the outdoors. As a company so passionate about the outdoors, it's no wonder they're equally passionate about saving the environment. Not only do they use recyclable, non-toxic plastic on their headlamps, but they're also a member of 1% for the Planet, meaning every purchase makes an impact by donating to organizations focused on environmental issues.

Click here to shop Third Eye Headlamps

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