Online Shopping for Perfume Can be Hard — MicroPerfumes Makes it Easy!

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Perfume lovers, listen up!

Over the course of the pandemic, more and more people have turned to online shopping instead of in-store purchases. Luckily in today’s internet-driven world, online shopping is easier than ever, but there’s one thing that’s still tricky to buy online - fragrances. You can try to read reviews or figure out if you’d like the scent notes based on the descriptions, but it’s not the same as actually smelling the fragrance in person. Luckily, there is a solution. MicroPerfumes offers customers a vast array of 100% authentic designer fragrances in vials and travel-sized spray bottles at an affordable cost, making online shopping for perfumes hassle-free. In this article, we’ll explain how MicroPerfumes works, and why they’re the newest, best outlet for testing out perfumes. So what sets MicroPerfumes apart from other perfume retailers? Let’s find out.

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No Subscription Necessary

This factor really sets MicroPerfumes apart from its competitors. There are no monthly fees or subscriptions needed to try out the perfumes - simply order the samples you’d like to try out on an as-needed basis. Subscription fatigue is a real thing and can get very costly, MicroPerfumes allows you the freedom to try what you want when you want!

Same Day Fulfillment

With the exception of Amazon, same-day fulfillment in the e-commerce industry is extremely rare. Your order will be fulfilled and sent out for shipping the same day you order, making MicroPerfumes the perfect option for last-minute gifts or buys. You can even select their “express” shipping so your order arrives in as little as 2 days.

Low Prices & Daily Discounts

Everyone loves a good sale, and at MicroPerfumes, there’s always some sort of discount or promotion going on, on top of their already affordable prices. From winter clearances to their most recent “Shamrock Sale”, you can always count on MP having the best deals (they're currently offering 15% off for the end of Winter sale)! MicroPerfumes samples start at 99 cents or less, and even for high-end designer fragrances, you can try a sample bottle for less than $15. You also earn MicroPoints for every dollar spent, so with every purchase, you accumulate even more rewards and discounts!

Travel Friendly

If you’re a perfume lover, you know the struggle of wanting to bring your favorite bottle of perfume with you on a trip, but not being able to due to TSA regulations or fear of the bottle smashing in your luggage. MicroPerfumes solves this problem because their sample vials are TSA-friendly, durable, and can be carried on to flights!

Shop By Occasion

MicroPerfumes allows you to shop by “Recommended Use” - casual, evening, daytime, or romantic - so you can smell right for every occasion. So whether you’re looking for a seductive perfume to wear on date night or a fresh scent you can wear every day to the office, MicroPerfumes makes it easy to choose!

Guaranteed Authentic Fragrances

Don’t be “duped” by buying a fake perfume sample from somewhere like Amazon. If you want to make sure the fragrance you’re ordering is the real deal, we recommend buying right from the designer, or from a trusted retailer like MicroPerfumes. MicroPerfumes' extensive online store of luxurious perfumes and colognes are 100% authentic and of the highest genuine quality, so you never have to worry about receiving an inferior product or “dupe”.

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