These Are the Hottest Nail Design Trends for Summer 2022

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Nail inspo coming your way!

Hot girl summer is approaching once again and with it comes new nail trends. With nail art at its absolute peak, there is an overload of designs to draw inspiration from, which is why we're here to highlight a few of the top trends. The experts at WeThrift dug into recent Pinterest data to uncover the most searched summer nail trends. We've listed the top 10 designs of the season for you, so keep scrolling to see!

10. Flower Nails

Searches up 43%

We saw flowers everywhere during spring so it's no surprise that the trend is carrying over into summer. With a search volume increase of 43%, we can definitely expect to continue seeing this trend. Luckily flowers are timeless and can be done a million different ways!

9. Orange Nails

Searches up 68%

Orange is such a summertime color, and probably the only time you could pull off something so bright, so it makes sense that this nail color is trending. Make sure you're opting for a bright, vibrant orange instead or something darker that will lean more into Fall.

8. White Nails

Searches up 93%

Another color that a lot of people can only pull off during the summer, because, let's face it... you need to be a little bronzed to pull off the white nail. White can really accentuate your tan and feels so summery, clean, and fresh!

7. French Manicure

Searches up 106%

The French Manicure is a true classic. This timeless look is elegant, understated, and makes your hands look so classy. The French Mani will never go out of style, and nowadays there are so many fun variations you can choose from to make them more personal to your style!

6. Pearl Nails

Searches up 118%

Searches for pearl nails have been up ever since Bridgerton aired. To pull off this trend, opt for a nude or light pink base, with small pearls glued atop. The 3-D look will really stand ut despite the neutral colors.

5. Strawberry Nails

Searches up 125%

Strawberries are a staple for summer, so naturally, strawberry nail designs made it onto this list. The color scheme of strawberries is so cute and summery, and very on-trend.

4. Almond Ombre Nails

Searches up 162%

The almond shape is always a popular choice for nails because it's so flattering to everyone and looks natural. An ombre nail is where the nail artist blends two colors together. There are so many color combos to choose from, and we anticipate seeing some bright ones this summer!

3. Pink Glitter Nails

Searches up 168%

Why have matte nails when you could have glitter nails? Glitter instantly makes the nails more fun and exciting. You can dress them down or dress them up. You can opt for a hot pink or subtle baby pink, and accessorize with glitter or rhinestones to make them pop!

2. Rainbow Nails

Searches up 237%

With Pride month coming up, we're excited to see that rainbow nail searches have been up over 200%, as people get ready for the month with their Pride-themed manicures! We expect to see rainbow nails in trend even beyond June, as they're perfect for summer!

1. Butterfly Nails

Searches up 356%

With a search volume increase of a whopping 356%, butterfly nails are officially the nail trend of the season. We love the butterfly trend because just like butterflies and their uniqueness, there are a million ways you could execute this trend!

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