Support Small Businesses — These Deals On Sex Toys Are Better Than Amazon’s Prime Day

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If you're in the market for a new sex toy... keep reading! You won't want to miss these deals.

Amazon Prime Day is right around the corner (6/21-6/22), but if you were planning on shopping the sale for a new sex toy, we're here to tell you about these deals that are even better! These sales from Dame and MysteryVibe are happening in tandem with Prime Day - and they're so good they even beat out Prime's discounts. The best part is, you'll be supporting small businesses with honorable missions that are working hard to create new innovations in the sexual health and wellness industry. So whether you're in the market for a sex toy or just love a good deal, keep reading because you won't want to miss these!

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Dame Products

Dame Products is a women-owned business creating innovative tools for sexual wellbeing in hopes of closing the "pleasure gap". They conduct in-depth research, including real community input, to design their line of exceptional tools that enhance sexual health for vulva-havers everywhere. All of their products come with a 3-year warranty and are made from the highest quality components, including medical-grade silicone.

About the Sale

  • From June 21- June 22, enjoy 21% off Dame’s entire site by using code PRIME21. (Amazon is only offering 20% off, for the record!)
  • Additionally, on June 23, Dame will be launching its newest bundle — The Night In — which bundles some of Dame's newest products and crowd favs –– Aer, Eva, Arousal Serum, and Alu Lube. This bundle goes from regular priced $250 down to only $197 with the PRIME21 discount!

Click here to shop Dame's Prime Day Deals!


MysteryVibe is a sexual health technology company inventing award-winning products that combine cutting-edge technology with intimacy to elevate the pleasure experience. Co-founded by a female, MysteryVibe's mission is to make sexual health accessible across all ages, genders & orientations. MysteryVibe believes that sexual health is an important component of overall health. With their award-winning line of vibrators and sex toys, they hope to increase sexual pleasure, in turn enhancing sexual and overall health. They offer sex toys designed for men, women, or couples! Their products come in discrete packaging and a 2-year warranty.

About the Sale

  • Starting this week, you can take up to $50 off all three of MysteryVibe’s award-winning products — that’s $50 off Crescendo, $50 off Tenuto, and $30 off Poco (also better than Amazon’s 20% discount!).

Click here to shop MysteryVibe's Sale!

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