Susan Rockefeller Launches CBD Line, Muses, Available at SUTTON Boutique

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Everyone deserves a Muses Moment!

Susan Rockefeller has officially launched her unique CBD line, Muses, which is available at RHOBH star Sutton Stracke's West Hollywood boutique, SUTTON. Last week, we had the honor of attending and covering the collaboration's celebratory launch event, and even got to conduct a Live Interview with legends Susan and Sutton themselves. Susan and Sutton explained the motivation behind their female-fronted collaboration, the power of women, and what makes Muses products so special.

Bella Marie Adams

About CEO of Musings, Susan Rockefeller

Susan Rockefeller is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, artist, conservationist, and founder of Musings, a digital magazine that showcases responsible innovation and action for a better world. Muses is her latest addition to the brand: a MADE-SAFE-certified, organic, and sustainable line of CBD topicals made with an aromatic blend of botanicals to provide pain relief while inspiring your senses. What she calls "elevated essentials", these products are in their entirely own lane - they provide pain relief, while also lifting spirits and enhancing mood through aromatherapy.

Behind the Collaboration with Sutton Stracke

It's no wonder Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and long-time friend of Susan, Sutton Stracke, wanted to get in on this innovative new idea! Sutton tells us her and Susan have been friends for "over ten years", and she loves featuring women-owned brands and designers at her boutique, so the partnership was a no-brainer. Muses products, along with other beautiful clothing and accessories (many from local, LA, female-designers, Sutton tells us!) are available for purchase at the West Hollywood boutique, SUTTON.

Muses is Committed to Sustainability

A major thing we love about the Muses collection is its commitment to sustainability. In our live interview, Sutton and Susan both talked about how "women will be the ones to effect change" when it comes to protecting our environment - whether that be because we're caring mothers who want to leave the world a better place for our children, or just because we're simply "let's face it… amazing".

Muses participates in regenerative farming, the CBD used in the Muses collection is derived from hemp grown in a beautiful bioregion in upstate New York, and the company is working to bring back life and biodiversity to the region by improving its soils so that all plants, birds, animals, and humans can thrive. Muses practices sustainability down to its packaging which is made from either recycled materials or regenerative resources, such as plants, mycelium, and algae.

Sutton also talks about her disdain for fast fashion and how when she opened her boutique, she wanted to include high-quality pieces that can be worn for a long time and even handed down to your children and their children. That's what SUTTON boutique is all about: high-quality, timeless, and elegant pieces that you'll cherish forever. Muses collection fits perfectly into this theme of sustainability, another reason why the collaboration makes so much sense.

About the Products

Muses Neck Potion No.9™

Muses' hero product is their Neck Potion No.9™, inspired by the achey tech-neck we've all experienced, this organic roll-on CBD topical is made with an aromatic blend of botanicals to provide pain relief while inspiring your senses. The rollers come in two sizes that contain either 750 mg or 1500 mg of CBD. Muses products use the highest amount of CBD allowed for the ultimate pain alleviation. What makes Neck Potion No.9™ so unique is that it's blended with natural essential oils to provide aromatherapeutic benefits. The Potions come in their classic Earthy, frankincense forward fragrance, or their Floral that smells like orange blossom.

Dance Potion No. 9 Sweet and Spicey

Muses Dance Potion No. 9 is a CBD body potion topical made with an aromatic blend of botanicals to encourage energy and inspire movement. The sweet and spicey fragrance uplifts your mental state, while the full-spectrum hemp extract increases euphoria. Spritz this potion onto your skin or rub it into your palms and inhale for a therapeutic effect.

Bath Soak No. 9

The final product from Muses' introductory collection is their dreamy Bath Soak No. 9. This CBD bath soak is made with an aromatic blend of botanicals and magnesium flakes, Epsom salts, and Himalayan salt that relieve stress, release muscles, and promote relaxation while inspiring your senses. Their Floral bath soak enhances mental clarity, while the Earthy edition grounds and calms mental stressors. To use, add 1 oz. of the product to warm running water. Soak for 30 minutes to relieve minor aches, inspire rejuvenation, and lift spirits.

Purchase Muses products through their online store or in-person at SUTTON!

Catch the Live Interview

Be sure to watch our full live interview from the event. Susan and Sutton chat about power of women and the power of the feminine They discuss the importance of supporting female entrepreneurs and designers, and how making sustainable choices is important both in business and in fashion. We loved hearing about how they learn "so much" from their own daughters, and Sutton talks about how she's inspired by her fellow housewives on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sutton says, "That show inspired me to be very strong, and I learned so much from all those women, because we all are business owners, and entrepreneurs. I learned from them, how to just keep doing it. We're all mothers and business owners and I love that about us as a group. It's a takeaway that I never thought I would get from doing that show ever."

We're all about supporting women and so are these inspiring ladies, so be sure to check out the full interview on womendotcom's IGTV!

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