How Can You Make Your Venmo Payments Private Or Hide Them From People?

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It can definitely be a little odd having your friends stalk all your payments back and forth, which is why it is completely understandable to want to know how to make Venmo payments private.

The only real way to make your Venmo payments private is to make your entire Venmo profile private. This is done through your Venmo privacy settings.

1. Log In To Your Venmo Account And Find Settings

To make your Venmo payments private, first you need to log in to your Venmo account. You can log in through your mobile phone as well as on your computer.

On the computers, you'll find the Settings button located in the very top menu bar to the left. On your cell phone, you'll find Settings if you click on the three horizontal bars button on the top left. Settings is all the way down at the bottom of the menu.

2. Find Your Venmo Privacy Settings


Under your Venmo account settings, you will find an option for Privacy. This is where you'll find exactly how to make those Venmo payments private!

3. Scroll To The "Sharing" Settings


Finally, find the Sharing settings on this page. You will see a couple different options, depending on your preferences. If you want to make all of your Venmo payments private, set it to these preferences:

On your computer:

  • Change "Can share transactions involving me" to Only me

  • Change "Default audiences for future transactions" to Private

  • Next to "Past Transactions" click on Make all private

On your mobile phone:

  • Change "Future Transactions" audience to Participants Only

  • Change "Who can share transactions involving you" to Only Me

  • Change "Past Transactions" to Make All Private

Don't forget to save your settings.


Do you have more Venmo questions? Let us know in the comments below, we'll always do our best to answer them, or try checking out the Venmo Help Center!