Where To Buy Coravin Model One Wine System

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Where To Buy Coravin Model One Wine System

Where To Buy Coravin Model One Wine System

When life hands the vineyard grapes, drink wine. Duh.

Calling All Winos!

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Whether you've had a stressful day at work or heading to your bestie's for Bachelor Monday, wine is always a welcomed plus one. Sometimes one glass is all you want which can be a headache (sometimes literally) because who wants to waste a fresh bottle of wine? With Coravin's wine system, you can now enjoy a glass of wine without removing the cork! SAY WHAT!? Your wine sipping just got that much more enjoyable.

Coravin's wine system now allows you to preserve the quality, longevity, and taste of your vino.

Basically, the Coravin wine system does all of the dirty work for you. You just need to choose your vino, use the Coravin wine system, and pour. The rest is history. Your Coravin's recycled steel capsules fill the interior space of the bottle with pure argon gas to protect the remaining wine from oxidation. After pouring, the cork naturally re-seals itself, preserving the wine inside for years or until the next time you're craving that glass of wine.


Don't Forget To Buy The Capsules!

Buy the Coravin Capsules here!

Along with the Coravin Wine System, you will need to purchase Coravin Capsules. These are the core source for the system. Each capsule allows you to access up to 15 glasses of wine.

Cheers to no more wasted wine because of the bad taste days after opening it.



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