Quiz: Do You Know The Meaning Of These 22 Culinary Words? 90% Fail.


Are you a foodie? Think you know your way around the kitchen? Let's see!

If you consider yourself a master chef or a lover of all things culinary, you should ace this quiz! Take it to find out.

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Calling all food-lovers, bakers, chefs, and foodies — do you think you know the definitions of culinary words and phrases that the average joe might not know? We bet you can't ace this test without cheating, turning on the Food Network, looking at a dictionary or thesaurus, or consulting a friend with better ~culinary~ talents than you for help. We also bet you can't take this quiz without getting at least a little hungry. Are you really a true foodie? Sure, you can order avocado toast or a pretty latte and take a great picture of it, but how well do you really know all the terms and techniques behind the great presentation? Here's a culinary quiz that will push your cooking knowledge to its limits.

If you think you know your "al dente" from "a la carte" and "dicing" from "mincing," then please, by all means, proceed with this quiz. It doesn't matter whether you're a professional chef, a novice chef, an at-home cook, or even one of America's Worst Cooks, let's see what you've got! We bet you can't get that 100% on the first try. Go ahead and use this quiz to determine if you're really qualified to be slicing and dicing in the kitchen or if someone else should be slaving away in there for you. Whether or not you're able to ace this quiz, we bet that it will leave you feeling inspired to learn and get back in the kitchen so that you DO know your "al dente" from your "a la carte."

Take this test and see if you really do know more culinary terms than the average person. We dare you! Hit play and take the quiz now.

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