11 Audiodramas To Listen To When You Want To Mix Things Up!

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Give these awesome audiodramas a chance!

Audiodramas you need to listen to!

Podcasts have been around for a while now but, over the last several years, have just gotten bigger. Tons of people listen to podcasts now, learning about any number of topics and listening to the news. Another growing type of podcast is the fictional audio drama!

But what is an audio drama? Radio dramas used to be all the rage before televisions were a thing. They were audio stories played over the radio. They were wildly popular, entire families sitting around the radio to find out what happens next. The most famous is likely Orson Welles' The War of the Worlds, which was so convincing people actually believed aliens were taking over.

Audio dramas are the modern version of these radio dramas. Podcasting has allowed folks to share whatever they want with the world, and storytellers have taken advantage of this medium, giving people easy access to incredible stories. You've probably heard of Welcome to Night Vale, the most famous audio drama, but it's far from the only great one out there. Here are 11 more audio dramas to add to your lists!

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1. Spooning in the Apocalypse

via Spooning in the Apocalypse

Something fun and a little different, Spooning in the Apocalypse is a radio show that takes place after the apocalypse struck. Listeners call in, seeking advice about how to find love after the world has ended.

2. Alice Isn't Dead

via Nightvale Presents

In Alice Isn't Dead, a trucker discovers her wife may not be dead. She sets out across the United States in the search for her lost love, discovering that the country she knew isn't the country she discovers while out on the road. Check out the novelization of the podcast too!

3. Quietly Yours

via Daffadillies

If you're looking for an anthology-style series that tells a complete story per episode, Quietly Yours is for you! Each episode features a fantastic horror tale and performed with a full cast.

4. Limetown

via Two-Up Productions

In a small Tennessee town, three hundred people vanished without a trace. Ten years have passed and now APR reporter Lia Haddock has decided to uncover the mystery behind Limetown, Tennessee. Make sure to check out the prequel novel and the television adaptation.

5. Harlem Queen

via Harlem Queen

Harlem Queen is the fictionalized account of the life of Harlem Renaissance Numbers Queen, Madame Stephanie St. Clair. During her life, St. Clair was able to resist mafia-rule and worked as an activist.

6. The Amelia Project

via The Amelia Project

The Amelia Project is a unique show that involves helping people fake their own deaths. The Amelia Project helps their clientele, which includes politicians and cult leaders, start over with a new life. However, all good things must come to an end.

7. Dreamboy

via Nightvale Presents

Weird things are happening at Cleveland's Pepper Heights Zoo in Dreamboy. Dane just wanted to keep his job at the zoo, he didn't want to get swept up in a fantastical story that will change him.

8. Caravan

via Whisperforge

Wound Canyon has two rules: 1) No one enters or ever leaves. 2) You'll never survive on your own. In Caravan, Samir falls from a cliff and falls into a world filled with the paranormal. He'll travel with his new companions to try to uncover that has magically imprisoned them.

9. Gay Future

via Gay Future

Gay Future is the hilarious story of 2062 in which the gay agenda has swept the land. One boy with a secret (he's straight) is humanity's only salvation.

10. The Black Tapes

via The Black Tapes Podcast

A journalist catches a lead and begins to search for the truth of an enigmatic individual. Along the way, she'll find herself chasing figurative, and perhaps literal, ghosts in The Black Tapes.

11. The Far Meridian

via Whisperforge

The Far Meridian is the story of a woman named Peri who has agoraphobia and lives inside a lighthouse. Each day, the lighthouse moves to a different location, allowing Peri to continue the search for her missing brother.

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