Here Are The Best Eco-Friendly & Plastic-Free Sex Toys

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Sex toys that aren't bad for the environment!

Invest in Eco-Friendly Sex Toys!

More and more, the world is turning to eco-friendly options when it comes to our food and products. However, one product didn't seem to be keeping up with the rest of the world. Until now.

Sex toys are a huge industry. A survey conducted by Lovehoney discovered that roughly 70 percent of Americans have a dildo in their home. Amazing, right? Given how popular sex toys are, it only makes sense that new products will fall in line with the eco-friendly trend. There are even recycling programs for sex toys so they don't end up in the landfill. Check out the programs at Love Honey and Ann Summers.

When talking to SheKnows, Jess O'Reilly of the Sex with Dr. Jess Podcast said that "eco-friendly sex means different things to different people. For some folks, being eco-friendly means choosing props, toys, lubes, and condoms that minimize their impact on the planet. For others, eco-friendly sex involves minimizing harm in production - harms to the environment and to the workers."

It's amazing to see more eco-friendly products on the market. Here are five that you need to check out ASAP!

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1. Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator

Free People

There's one awesome thing the Gaia Eco Biodegradable Vibrator can boast about: it's the very first recyclable and biodegradable sex toy on the market! With multiple speeds, this vibe is one you absolutely need in your sex toy collection. Check out the Gaia Eco Bullet too!

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2. Hedonistic Glass Pink and White Flower Glass Butt Plug

Organic Loven

The wonderful thing about glass toys is that they're eco-friendly. That means that even if the toy ends up in the dump, there aren't any harmful chemicals that will leach into the ground. The entire Pink and White Flower Glass Butt Plug is blown by hand, including the flower on the end! Pretty awesome!

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3. Leaf Bloom Vibrator


The Bloom Vibrator by Leaf is an exceptional toy. Not only was it the 2015 winner of the Best Eco-Friendly Sex Toy at the Sexual Health Expo, it is flexible and waterproof, perfect for however (or wherever) you want to use it. The toy has three speeds and two patterns for optimal orgasms!

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4. Doxy Die Cast

Doxy Massager

What exactly makes the Doxy Die Cast an eco-friendly option? Well, it's made from an aluminium-titanium alloy. The alloy isn't harmful to the environment the way plastic sex toys are. It will also last forever. Best of all, the vibration is 20 percent more power than the original!

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5. CalExotics Solar Bullet


Batteries not included...because they aren't needed! This bullet vibrator comes with a small solar panel you can plug it into to recharge. In just eight hours, you can 60 minutes of environmentally friendly fun.

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