If You're Enjoying The L Word: Generation Q, Read These Books!

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Fans of The L World: Generation Q should check out these books!

Books Focusing On WLW Friendships

The L Word had a huge impact on lesbian and bisexual women in the mid- to late-2000s. The show focused on queer female friendships, truly one-of-a-kind, and books similar to The L Word are important for readers. Reading about romance is great and entertaining, but friendships are just as important.

The original The L Word series was messy, often insensitive, and inconsistent, but held a special place in the hearts of many queer women. The announcement of The L Word: Generation Q held promise in the hearts of fans, that the show would listen to the criticism of the original series and be better. So far, the new series as proved to be.

In both the original series and The L Word: Generation Q, queer friendships hold an emphasis and the four book series in this list do as well. Saxon Bennett, Layce Gardner, Maggie Cummings, and Melissa Brayden each present series that focus on queer female friendship.

If you're a fan of The L Word: Generation Q, you'll love these books!

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1. True Heart series by Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner


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A group of close friends in small town Fenton, Missouri find love, experience loss and injury, get married, and experience life, relying on each other much the same way the characters rely on each other in The L Word: Generation Q.

2. Soho Loft series by Melissa Brayden


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The first of Melissa Brayden's two series, the Soho Loft series follows four long-time friends who open an advertising agency together in New York City. Working together proves to provide just the right amount of drama and romantic tension in the case of Sam and Hunter.

3. Bay West Social series by Maggie Cummings


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The Bay West Social series takes place in the "lesbian mecca" of Bay West in the suburbs of New York City. After Meg moves in, she and Lexi quickly become friends and the action takes off from there in these three novels.

4. Seven Shores series by Melissa Brayden


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The Seven Shores series is the second series by Melissa Brayden and also prominently features a close friend group. Three of the four friends live in the Seven Shores apartment in Los Angeles, which just so happens to be where The L Word: Generation Q takes place, while the forth friend owns the nearby coffee shop.

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