22 Cute Bunny Instagram Captions [2018]

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Super cute Instagram captions for your bunny!

The Best Bunny Instagram Captions

As far as cute and cuddly pets go, dogs and cats get all the attention, but have you ever seen a bunny? Bunny owners know the truth, and to help you on your next IG post, we've created a list of bunny Instagram caption!

Rabbits are adorable, loyal, and fun pets to have around. And who can deny those twitchy little noses or silly yawns? It is astounding that bunnies aren't more popular than they are, especially considering how quiet they are compared to other pets. Oh well! We all know how amazing they are! Check out this list of 22 great bunny Instagram captions for all your incredible future bunny posts!

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Cute Bunny Instagram Captions

• Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes!

• Keep calm and love rabbits.

• Whoever says "it's only a rabbit" has obvious never loved a rabbit.

• My rabbit has more personality than most people I know.

• What do you call a bunny in a kilt? A hopscotch!

• Some bunny loves you.

• Forget crazy cat lady. I'm a crazy bunny lady!

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Good Bunny Captions for Insta

• A house is not a home unless it has a rabbit.

• My bunny isn't fat, it's fluffy.

• Look at this huge dust bunny I found!

• Sometimes the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.

• Based on their expressions, I think my rabbits spend a lot of time judging me.

• Even when no one else can, my bunnies make me smile.

• Home is where my rabbits are waiting.

• Snuggle bunny!

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Funny Bunny & Rabbit Instagram Captions

• Talk to the butt because the ears aren't listening!

• How is where there's fur in my tea and hay on my clothes, a treat in my hand and a bunny on my toes.

• All you need is love. Love, and a bunny rabbit.

• I work so my bunny can have nice things.

• The best part of my day is going home to my bunny.

• Every crinkle you make, every bite you take, I'll be watching you!

• Everything in the house belongs to the bunnies. Including (and especially) the humans.